Australia revives skilled visas for tech workers

Australia revives skilled visas for tech workers

The federal government of Australia has included again a number of technology skill jobs in the list of occupations eligible for skilled visas.

Reintroduced occupations include ICT support technicians, web developers, datas and telecommunications cable joiners, ICT support and test engineers, engineering technicians and telecommunications technicians.

The government, in April, decided to scrap the 457 skilled visa schemes, which saw many eligible occupations, including those in ICT roles, being removed. This decision did to go too well with some industry groups in the country who felt that the scheme would dissuade skilled workers from coming to Australia to work.

After discussions with industry, the government acceded to some of their demands by updating the list of eligible occupations and it was also stated that the list would be updated every six months.

Titles that are eligible include ICT support engineer, ICT business development manager, ICT customer support officer, ICT systems test engineer, ICT QA engineer, ICT manager, ICT project manager, ICT trainer, network administrator, ICT sales representative, ICT support, network analyst, technician systems administrator, software tester, data and telecommunications cabler, web developer, web administrator, telecommunications linesworker, database administrator, hardware technician and web designer.

Most ICT visa applicants are eligible for short-term, two-year skilled visas. But they should have at least two years work experience, barring ICT sales representatives, ICT project managers, ICT systems test engineers, software testers, ICT support engineers and web developers

Eligible for medium-term, four-year visas are software engineers, software and application programmers, computer network and systems engineers, systems analysts, ICT business analysts, developer/programmers, telecommunications engineers, telecommunications network engineers and telecommunications field engineers quotes Innes Willox, Australian Industry Group CEO, as saying in a statement that skills that are in scarcity in construction, manufacturing and mining and also in ICT and the pharmaceutical industry have made their way to the available skills lists is welcome news.

Meanwhile, managing directors, CEOs, CIOs and corporate general managers have also been made eligible for both the short-term and the medium-term visa classes and provide a route to permanent residency.

ICT security specialists have also been brought back to the medium-term visa list.

These updates became effective from 1 July.

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