Australia to reexamine investor visa rules

Australia to reexamine investor visa rules

The government of Australia is to reassess visa rules for prospective wealthy migrants, a government official said on 3 April as it was looking to tighten further rules for granting permanent residency and citizenship.

Although he did not divulge details on the reforms that may be considered for this visa, English language proficiency was insinuated as a requirement.

Recently, Australia had scrapped 457 visas and replaced it with two visas with tougher rules and made it much more difficult for migrants to attain citizenship.

It is said that Chinese comprise close to 90 percent of the applicants for the investor visas, which need people to invest at least $3.75 million (A$5 million) to become eligible for the residency of Australia.

Alex Hawke, Assistant Immigration Minister, was quoted by the Reuters as saying that the programme needs to be planned to meet the economic needs of Australia. He added that the Australians expect that migrants need to be fluent in English.

Many millionaires from China look to relocate to Australia for a better quality of life. When asked that there were rumors floating in China that the investor visa might be abolished by Australia, Hawke stressed that the government was dedicated to the programme.

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