Australia to reduce Overseas Immigration quota in 2019

Australian PR Visa

Australian PR Visa

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has flagged that Overseas Immigration would be cut down. It is to carry out an overhaul of population policy. In addition, they want to focus on reducing unskilled Immigrants in the country. It is, however, a shock to aspiring Immigrants. It is advisable that they apply for Australian PR Visa at the earliest before the new policy commences.

 As reported by the Daily Mail Co UK, Australia might cut Overseas Immigration quota by 30,000. However, Australia is planning on increasing the percentage of Skilled Immigrants. Mr. Morrison said that the number would go down in the next 12 months. However, he strongly believes that population growth was essential to the economy. But lately, the biggest cities in the country are complaining about population.

According to the proposed policy, only skilled Overseas Immigrants would be accepted. The country now only requires people who can help the economy. But the reduction should in no way affect the regions that are looking for greater growth, Mr. Morrison added.

Mr. Morrison further suggested that there should be a mechanism to direct Immigrants to regional Australia. Also, staying in regional Australia could help Overseas Immigrants acquire the Australian PR. This would also help the country address the issue of overcrowding of cities.

Tony Abbott, the former Prime Minister of Australia has expressed his views on this. He said that the increasing rate of Overseas Immigrants is putting pressure on wages. Also, it is causing housing prices to go up and overcrowding the roads. He insisted that the number must go down.

Mr. Morrison acknowledged the issues. However, he emphasized that additional spending on infrastructure should ease the congestion.  He agreed that Overseas Immigration quota should be reduced. But that should happen after he has had a meeting with the state and territory leaders.  They might impose new conditions on non-PR Visa holders. This would ensure that regional Australia is not affected by the proposed policy.

On the whole, Australia wants to focus on directing Skilled Immigrants to its provinces. If the proposed policy is accepted, it should be effective from July 2019.

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