Australia ranked #1 for receiving world’s richest people as immigrants

Timeline of Aust.TSS Visas April 2017 - March 2018

The latest analysis by New World Wealth has revealed that Australia is ranked #1 for receiving world’s richest people as immigrants. It elaborates that the location of Australia makes it a preferred destination for businesses in emerging nations of Asia. These include Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and China.

The highest numbers of High Net Worth Individuals are arriving as immigrants at Australia. This is as per the “2018 Global Wealth Immigration Review” by New World Wealth. With arrivals of 10,000, HNWIs Australia was ranked #1. These immigrants have net worth assets of minimum 1 Million $ or more. The second place was secured by the US with arrivals of 9,000 HNWIs, as quoted by the UK Business Insider.

The report by New World Wealth also elaborates on the favored destinations for HNWIs in Australia. These are Brisbane, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Sydney.

The top ten nations across the world for arrivals of HNWIs are:

Rank Nation Numbers of HNWIs Arrivals
1. Australia 10,000
2. The US 9,000
3. Canada 5,000
4. UAE 5,000
5. Caribbean 3,000
6. Israel 2,000
7. Switzerland 2,000
8. New Zealand 1,000
9. Singapore 1,000

The analysis of New World Wealth reveals that safety may be one of the deciding factors for people to choose Australia. Globally this nation is ranked as safest for women. It is also safe for kids as well. Australia does not even inherit taxes as well.

The report says that the superior growth of Australia in last 10 years has immensely influenced business opportunities and confidence. In last one decade, the sum of wealth held by Australia has increased by 83%. This was 20% for its rival the US. Thus, the common Australian is now considerably richer than the normal US citizen, something not true 10 years back.

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