Australia PR: Regional Visa holders need to prove their stay

David Coleman

David Coleman, Immigration Minister, confirmed that Regional Visa holders will need to prove their stay in regional areas to qualify for Australia PR. 

Australia will introduce two new Regional Visas in November this year. These new visas will need immigrants to live and work in regional Australia. Regional Visa holders can apply for Permanent Residency after completing 3 years of stay in the regional areas. 

More details about these visas are yet to be revealed by the Govt. However, the Govt. has confirmed that an applicant’s details will be scrutinized while assessing their PR application. 

Mr. Coleman said that Regional Visa holder will have to prove that they have lived and worked in regional areas for 3 years at the time of applying for a PR. They will need to prove the same through their residential details, bank details and payment details. Mr. Coleman added that unless migrants can prove the same they will not get a PR. 

Mr. Coleman says that the new policy of moving immigrants to the regional areas will help fill in the skill gaps in these areas. The new policy will also try to send more international students to regional areas. 

Australia is trying to encourage more international students to study at Regional Universities. Those who study at Regional Universities will get an additional year on their Graduate Visa. So instead of the usual 2 years, they will get 3 years, as per SBS News. 

The new Regional Visas have raked up a lot of interest. Many believe that the eligibility criteria for the Regional Visa will be more relaxed as compared to the general skilled migration. Hence, many immigrants are looking forward to applying for these visas. 

Australia will soon introduce the below regional visas: 

  • Skilled Employer-Sponsored Regional Provisional Visa:  Skilled migrants who are sponsored by an employer  in any regional area in Australia can apply under this visa 
  • Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa: Migrants who are nominated by a State/Territory or by an eligible family member can apply under this visa 

The validity of both the above visas will be 5 years. After completing a stay of 3 years in regional Australia, eligible applicants can apply for an Australian Permanent Residency. 

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