56% of the Australia PR Immigrants are from Asia: DHA


Asia has emerged as the largest source of Australia PR immigrants as per the latest statistics revealed by the Department of Home Affairs. 56% of the PR immigrants’ intake in Australia was accounted for by Asia in the fiscal year 2016-17.

Liz Allen the demographer at the Australian National University said that like many global populations Australia is also structurally aging. It is also competing for immigrants with other nations such as the US, the UK, and Canada, he added.

Australia is now seeking skilled workers from global regions to cater to shortages in the labor market said the demographer. India and China have emerged as the key Asian destinations, he added, as quoted by the ABC Net Au.

Top 10 regions for Australia PR immigrants:

Rank Continental Regions Number of Australia PR Immigrants
1 Southern and Central Asia 58,232
2 North-East Asia 37,235
3 South-East Asia 31,488
4 North Africa & the Middle East 28,525
5 North-West Europe 25,174
6 Oceania & Antarctica 16,445
7 Sub-Saharan Africa 11,369
8 Americas 9,687
9 Southern and Eastern Europe 7,306
10 Supplementary & Not Stated 492


Meanwhile, the Australian population has reached the 25 million mark revealed the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The population of Australia is increasing by 1 person every 83 seconds estimates the ABS population clock.

George Megalogenis the Political Commentator and Author said that the exact identity of the 25th million individual cannot be affirmed. It is most likely to be a female student from China or skilled worker, he added. The 2 largest immigrant groups in Australia since the turn of the 21st century are Indians and Chinese, said the author.

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