Australia needs more immigrants for a younger and more fertile nation


The need for having more immigrants in Australia seems to have been put on a back burner amidst all the chaos for norms of foreign religions.

First of all, it is economic expediency. Immigrants are needed in Australia as the natives can’t replace themselves. No industrial nation, irrespective of its level of advancement can afford not to have a younger population that replaces the aging.

The accepted and appropriate shape of a nation’s demography is an inverted triangle that has lesser aged people at the base and increased number of youth and children at the top. This has to be sustained for several generations as only then Australia can support the frail and aged population who cannot work, quotes The Australian.

As the top becomes narrower, it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain the increasing number of people at the base. This is more so applicable to Australia owing to the increasing age of death. This also imposes much taxation burden for the families at the middle, who have to cater to the children as well.

The demography of Australia has remained unchanged for the last one generation. The overall rate of fertility is marginally above all time lowest level in 2001 with 1.74. This was a reflection of the huge decrease in the earlier thirty years when expecting parents decided to have lesser children.

This trend has been passed on to the next generation as well with mothers aging and increased number of people remaining childless. A marriage which remains the most accepted mode of an average man having children has been in the downturn and the average age of having the first child is more than 30 years of age. This also means lesser number of births per woman in the long-term.

It is inconsequential whether this phenomenon is a good or bad one at the individual level.  At the national level, this is not at all a good thing as the average fertility rate stands at mere 1.88. Quite interestingly the birth rates were at its highest since the mid-1970s in the period of Howard as the Prime Minister with 2.02 babies per woman.

Ever since that exception, the national average birth rate has once again gone down below the levels of replacement. Therefore more immigrants are needed in Australia.

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