Australia may remove work restriction on international students

Australia may remove work restriction on international students

The Australian Labour Party may vote on whether to support a move to remove the 40-hour work restriction on international students.

International students can only work 40-hours a fortnight. The new move aims to abolish that. It will, however, be replaced with tougher course completion and attendance requirements.

International students can report to the Fair Work Ombudsperson the underpayment of wages. If this move is passed, the Labour Govt. will also restrict sharing information between the Department of Home Affairs and FWO.

The BackPacker Visa rule requires you to work in regional areas for 88 days. There have been demands for the removal of the same. Visa holders claim that this rule led to the underpayment and exploitation of foreign workers.

Many immigrant workers do not report cases of underpayment for fear of having their visas revoked.

Australia recently conducted an audit of job advertisements in foreign languages. 7 out of 10 advertisements offered lesser pay rates than the legal minimum wage.

This motivated the ALP to address the issues surrounding immigration laws and the workplace, as per SBS News.

Mark Morey, Secretary for Unions NSW, said there was a need for deportation amnesty for people who reported wage theft. There should also be a wall between the FWO and the Dept. of Home Affairs. This will send a strong message that a complaint against exploitation will not have your visa canceled. Morey also said that temporary foreign workers should have an ironclad guarantee that reporting wage theft will not affect their visa.

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