Australia to issue new visa for migrant parents for stay of up to 10 years

Australia to issue new visa for migrant parents for stay of up to 10 years

About 15,000 people can bring their migrant parents to Australia to stay for up to 10 years for A$20,000 as per a new visa that the federal government is mulling introducing.

The expenses of healthcare for the parents, however, will have to be borne by their children as they would have to legally take care of their private health insurance costs.

The children will also be required to be their financial guarantors for any additional expenses that their parents may incur in Australia.

SBS News quotes Alex Hawke, Assistant Immigration Minister, as telling it that under this visa, grandparents would be able to take care of their grandchildren while the parents work.

This new scheme lets applicants obtain a three-year visa or a five-year visa for A$5,000 and A$10,000, respectively, with the option of a single renewal for five more years at the same price.

The SBS said that the federal government is planning on announcing the visa officially along with the Budget in the second week of May.

This visa scheme was introduced after months of community consultations and pressure from migrant communities for changes to parent visas.

Sponsors for these visas must be citizens or permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand citizens who are eligible. This new visa would be launched in November if parliament approves it.

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