Australia Immigration and visa updates for November 2017


Below are some of the important Australia Immigration and visa updates for November 2017:

Introduction of the new Sponsored Parent visas is postponed

The Australian government had earlier announced that it would launch provisional partner visas in 2017 November. But the relevant legislation has not been passed by the Senate yet. It has thus now been referred for the consideration of Senate Committee.

4020 Fraud Public Interest Criteria have been changed

Public Interest Criteria for 4020 Fraud have been changed. Owing to the changes application can be denied in case misleading or false data is offered for:

• Visas that are held

• Visas that have been applied for

The changes mean that future visa applications for 10 years will be affected if the misleading or false information is provided in the application.

Public Health Care Debts

A new visa condition 8602 has been introduced. This requires the applicants of provisional visas not have outstanding debt for public health. If there is debt, it could result in the existing visa being canceled. Obtaining visas in the future for Australia immigration could also become more difficult.

Requirements for Health Insurance explained

Many provisional visas have the requirement of appropriate health insurance, as quoted by the ACACIA AU. They must possess this for their entire stay in Australia. Regulations for migration have now been added with a definition for ‘Sufficient health insurance arrangements’.

Condition 8304 for Single Identity

A new condition 8304 for the visa has been made effective. This requires the provisional visa holders to make use of a single identity. It is applicable for all deliberations with Federal, State and Territory government of Australia.

Change of name by the visa holder must be notified to the agencies of the Australian government. This must be done as soon as possible to ensure that the change of name is made effective.

8564 Condition for Criminal Conduct and 8303 Condition for Disruptive Activities

8564 Condition prohibits the visa holder from being engaged in criminal activities while in Australia. This condition will now be applicable for a wide range of provisional visas. Earlier, it was applicable only for Bridging E visas.

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