Australia immigration law getting costly for Kiwis, say legal experts

Australia immigration law getting costly for Kiwis, say legal experts

Australia immigration law is getting costly for New Zealanders according to legal experts owing to updated immigration laws. Immigrants from New Zealand will have to shell out several thousand as legal fees to question immigration detention.

Lawyers in Queensland and community groups have said that around 60 New Zealanders who were in Brisbane prison on remand have forfeited their visas owing to section 116 law. There are several hundred others in Queensland alone excluding such people in other states in Australia.

The law permits Immigration Minister in Australia to cancel visas of non-nationals if they are likely or could be dangerous to the good order, safety or health of Australian community.

The Immigration Department said that the section was used often when an individual was considered to pose an immediate threat, as quoted by the Radionz Co NZ.

However, Simon Jeans the immigration lawyer in Sydney said that the cases that he handled did not have any immediate threat at all. Most often people were under the supervision of court and trial was underway in the Immigration department, added Jeans.

Elaborating further on the hike in the expense of Australia immigration law for New Zealanders, Simon Jeans said that it is being attempted to see if this process can succeed. The anticipation is that Kiwis would not retain an advocate to get out of the situation, added the immigration lawyer.

Mr. Jeans further explained that this is a graver direction to the Australia immigration law. Many Kiwis who are detained are hesitant at the 1700 A$ needed for mere lodging the appeal, forget the several thousand dollars they must spend as legal fees.

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