Australia immigration debate overshadows REAL issue

Australia immigration debate overshadows REAL issue

The ongoing debate over immigration levels of Australia has overshadowed the REAL issue- the marginalization of immigrants in low skills jobs. The labor laws in Australia have proved to be inadequate in protecting these immigrants’ rights. The nation must enhance wages for immigrants in low skills jobs

The instances of underpayment being reported in major newspapers of Australia have enhanced by 10 times in the last 5 years. The latest is by Bar Coluzzi the Sydney institution, as quoted by the SMH.

The trend of wage disparity has been propelled by enhanced provisional immigration over PR migration. In the former, the visa policies constrain the safeguards and rights of the workers. It also dismantles the effective system of labor market regulation in Australia. This is the REAL issue as well as a major concern.

Growing wage disparity fuelled by the wrong beliefs that immigration is the reason for it are the key factors that gave rise to the populist sentiments in the EU and the US. Australia is now under a similar threat.

Australia’s cherished system of PR immigration has now been replaced by a series of provisional visas. Under them, the immigrants are dependent on the employers for status quo of residency rights. This threatens gross ill-treatment.

The Government of Australia has done little so far in addressing this issue. It must initiate measures to ensure that the latest optimum penalties are enforced in reality. There must be enhanced checks on the contractors that hire labor as well as supply chains. It must focus beyond the existing framework limited to franchises.

The government must give enhanced power to the FWO to police the standards of labor. Visa policies that offer undue power to the employers over the residency rights of the immigrants must be eliminated.

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