Australia considers Fast-track visas for SA farmer

Australia is considering offering Fast-track-visas for the white farmers in South Africa. Peter Dutton the Home Affairs Minister of Australia has said that the farmers warrant particular attention from Australia. This is due to the terrible conditions of violence and land seizures said the Home Affairs Minister.

Peter Dutton said that his department is investigating diverse ways to offer Fast-track visas for the white farmers in South Africa. This could be through humanitarian programs or other visa initiatives, he added.

Cyril Ramaphosa the new President of South Africa is going ahead with changes to law that permit taking over of farm lands devoid of compensation. These will then be redistributed to the black South Africa nationals, as quoted by the Guardian.

The new policy is leading to reports of more than 1 white farmer being murdered every week in the media including that in Australia. Peter Dutton said that as of now humanitarian, refuge and other visa programs exist in Australia that can rescue some of these white farmers in South Africa. He said that he has asked his department to examine all possible options for facilitating the immigration of these farmers to Australia. They definitely need assistance from civilized nations such as Australia, he added.

The white farmers are inclined to work hard and contribute to a nation such as Australia said the Home Affairs Minister of Australia. We intend that they arrive here, obey the laws, and assimilate in to Australian society as hard working members. We do not want them to be dependent on welfare, said Dutton.

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