Australia should aim at an ambitious immigration program- Frank Lowy

Australia should aim at an ambitious immigration program- Frank Lowy

Frank Lowy, the Founder of Westfield, says that he believes Australia should aim at an ambitious immigration program. He says that instead of focusing on the cons of migration, Australia should focus on the benefits that it brings with it. Immigrants not only bring with them knowledge and skills but also a newer and fresher global perspective.

Lowy came to Australia as an immigrant in 1952 escaping from the Nazi persecution in Hungary and Czechoslovakia as a little child. He started his business in Australia which became the Westfield Empire and successfully ran it for over five decades. He is also the patron behind the titular Lowy Institute, as per The Guardian.

Lowy described immigration as an act of imagination, ambition, and courage. He says it takes special courage to leave everything behind in your home country and start from scratch. He says Australia needs that kind of courage.

He feels the replacement of immigration targets with ceilings is detrimental to Australia’s diversity and prosperity. He says it may also affect Australia’s global standing. He says he firmly believes in a “big Australia” and hence roots for an ambitious migration program.

Lowy also believes that immigration has been great for Australia in the past and would continue to be so in the future as well. He compares the Australia of the 1950s to present Australia and feels that Australia is more productive, richer and more interesting than the Australia of the past. He is a firm believer that such a change was only possible because of immigration.

Lowy emphasizes that his opinions are based on his own childhood experiences in Australia. When he came to Australia he was made to feel like a future citizen right away. Lowy believes that immigrants who are new to Australia should be grateful for the opportunity that they have got. Australia needs their hard work more than their gratitude, adds Lowy.

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