Australia 457 visa holders exempt from some new requirements says DIBP


Australia 457 visa holders and those who have applied for this visa by April 18, 2017, will not be required to meet all the latest requirements, informed DIBP. The department said that these Australia 457 visa holders would retain access to transitional provisions. It will safeguard their eligibility for RSMS and ENS via the Transition Stream for Temporary Residence.

Applicants who intend to be eligible for the transitional provisions must satisfy either of the below conditions:

• They must have held the Australia 457 visa as of April 18, 2017; or

• They must have applied for the 457 visa by April 18, 2017, and the application must have been approved subsequently

The applicants who satisfy either of the above two conditions will not be required to meet all the latest requirements. This is with respect to the application for ENS and RSMS Transition Stream for Temporary Residence visas from 2018 March.

Specifically, they will also be able to:

• Apply for the visa even if their occupation is not present in the MLTSSL

• They will be able to apply only they are below 50 years of age

• Applicants will also be eligible to qualify after they have worked in their occupation with their employer on the 457 visas for two years

However, these applicants who either possess the 457 visas by April 18, 2017, or have filed an application by this date will be required to fulfill other conditions. They must fulfill the TSMIT or requirements for the minimum salary. Payment of training levy will also have to be made by them from March 2018, as quoted by the ACACIA AU.

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