Attract foreign migrants to South Australia to fill up job vacancies, urges think-tank

Attract foreign migrants to South Australia to fill up job vacancies, urges think-tank

The SA Centre for Economic Studies, a think-tank, in its new report said that South Australia should encourage foreigners to come and work in jobs that locals were not willing to take up.

It said that it should be done by offering them an easier route to citizenship and granting job visas for several occupations.

It is said that many businesses in regional areas were affected by labour shortages because several unemployed Australians were not willing to work in the hinterland.

The SACES report has 14 recommendations for coming up with a regionally focused migration program that could help power growth in regional towns and ease pressure on big cities of Australia.

The Advertiser quotes the SACES study as saying that the federal government’s strict new visa restrictions would affect population increase in places such as South Australia where migration was necessary to overcome the problems of an ageing population and people moving out of the state.

It is also stated by the report that arguments of migrants worsening unemployment rates were not backed by proof, as it says that migration does not impact affect the employment rates of the local population and has a very minuscule yet positive impact on average earnings.

According to the report, in several cases, the visa changes that were announced aggravate the current problems being faced by South Australian employers, especially in regional areas, making it difficult for them to get employees with the skills they badly need.

Mark Glazbrook, Migration Solutions chief executive, one of the key people behind the research, said unfulfilled demand for workers, reduction in regional population and the state’s ageing population would gain largely from the creation of a new migration program, the demand for which is genuine.

He added that it was largely perceived for a long time that migration creates unemployment, but this research showed that migration can, in fact, improve growth of economy with proper rules and regulations.

The report added that employers for employers of quite a few businesses, the issue of hiring workers was so severe that they had hired migrants who arrived on working holiday visas to work in permanent positions.

One crucial recommendation of the report is the creation of a new Temporary Regional

Visa which includes a larger occupation list by adding jobs with lower skill levels and allowing more routes to obtain permanent residency.

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