Armenia offers visa waiver to Australians + 3 nationalities

Armenia offers visa waiver to Australians + 3 nationalities

Australians along with nationals of South Korea, Singapore, and New Zealand have been offered visa waiver by Armenia. Shavarsh Kocharyan the Deputy Foreign Minister of Armenia said that the visa waiver will become effective from 19 March 2018. One-sided visa waiver for these nations will create positive ambiance for enhancement of mutual economic relations. It will also increase the flow of tourists to Armenia, he added.

The draft for this decision has been incorporated in the session agenda of the Government of Armenia for 6 March. The explanation of the draft reads that nationals of Australia, South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand will be permitted to arrive and reside in Armenia for maximum 6 months in 1 year. This liberates them from the requirement for the visa, as quoted by the Armen Press AM.

The government of Armenia has said that this decision will boost the tourism sector of the nation. It will also mark a fresh beginning for bilateral acknowledgment of cultural, historical, and spiritual values of peoples. This will also develop and outline diverse fresh spheres for bilateral collaboration, it added.

The aim of the draft decision is to liberalize visa relations with Australia, South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand. This will result in increased arrivals of travelers from these nations to Armenia. The decision in this regard has been approved at the meeting of the government of Armenia.

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