Amazing response to Queensland migration program for Australia immigration

Skilled workers queuing up to apply for Queensland's migration program

Here’s the latest about the skilled migration program for Queensland, Australia for onshore applicants. News is that the program for Australia immigration visas Subclass 190 and Subclass 491 opened lately. It garnered an overwhelming response from onshore immigration candidates.

Over 3,000 skilled foreign migrant workers onshore submitted EOIs in response. This has now come to be a factor in causing the stretching of processing times. Over 500 occupations have been listed for receiving applications from skilled foreign workers.

Now, the Queensland migration program for Australia immigration is open for onshore candidates only. A review in December 2021 could spread the opportunity to offshore applicants too. The determining factors for making that decision will include the availability of allocations and restrictions owing to the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the chances of temporary visa applicants.

For the period 2021-2022, these Australia immigration visa programs for skilled individuals will remain open as long as the quota for allocation remains unfilled. There are 1,000 places open for the Subclass 190 visa and 1,250 for the Subclass 491 visa.

The state has decided that under the program now open for applications, only applications that are ready for decisions to be made will be accepted.

Once the quotas under the program get filled, the information will be passed on to applicants via a notification on the Queensland official website.

About Subclass 190 visa – Skilled Nominated Visa

With this visa, skilled foreign workers nominated by an Australian state can live, study, and work in Australia as Australia PR visa holders. They will have access to Medicare, Australia’s public healthcare scheme. They will also be able to sponsor their relatives to come to Australia.

About Subclass 491 visa – Skilled Work Regional visa (Provisional)

This visa allows skilled foreigners nominated by an Australian state/territory to live, study, and work in Australia. The visa has a 5-year validity. After staying in Australia for 3 years with the visa, the individual can apply for an Australia PR visa.

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