An alternate migration pathway to Australia

Till this very juncture, folks who had hopes of migrating to Australia were dependent on a particular class of visa which came to a sudden pause. But an unprecedented program was announced by the Federal Government a Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) which has significant benefits compared to any other migration pathways.

The RSMS program is a brilliant opportunity to obtain permanent residency. This allows you to work in Australia under three prominent streams.

1. A Direct Entry Stream

2. An agreement stream

3. A Temporary Resident and Transition Stream

To qualify for the RSMS program, you are required to obtain a job in the regional area of Australia. The job which offers the opportunity must be listed under the RSMS postcode. The job placement would cover most of Australia, the whole of the Western part of Australia, ACT, Tasmania, the Northern Territory and Southern part of Australia.

After the applicant applies for the jobs listed under the RSMS the position will be later verified by the Regional Certifying Body (RCB). The duty of the RCB is to check if the salary offered is meeting the RSMS standards. After all the standard procedures are complete a visa will be issued for two years initially.

RSMS occupations list

• Skill level 1: This level has a requirement of graduates who have a work experience of 5 years. All management and Professional occupations are considered in this skill level.

• Skill level 2: The educational qualification is a diploma level with 3 years of work experience.

• Skill level 3: Any type of Technician and Trade occupations are considered under this skill level. Applicants are required to present a Certificate III including of a two-year on the job training.

An applicant can avail this golden opportunity after being nominated by an approved Australian employer. In case you find no employer to recommend you at that point in time, the alternative would be by submitting an expression of interest through SkillSelect. This application of interest will be viewed by prospective employers and territory governments under the RSMS program.

Make sure that the EOI has the relevant skill level under which you intend to work. An English eligibility test is mandated the score should be 6.0-7.0 in all four components. The applicant should be under the age of 50. If all your documents are in place and your application is approved by the Regional Certification Body then next step will be for you to apply for a two work visa to Australia.

To sum it all up to follow these three quick steps to make use of the brilliant opportunity.

1. Be approved by the Regional certification board

2. After, which you will be nominated by an approved Australian employer

3. Fill the 187 Subclass visa applications

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