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Posted on March 22 2022

Alberta’s Occupational Outlook - For balancing labor market by 2028

By  Editor
Updated October 26 2023

Outlooks consist of different factors like economic outlook and occupational outlook, education, and demographics. These factors help in forecasting the need of occupation and the workers required for these occupations. Outlooks are useful for the following:

  • Alberta government
  • Government of other levels
  • Industry associations
  • Employers
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • People of Alberta make decisions for training and career

*Need assistance to migrate to Canada, avail expert guidance from Y-Axis professionals. The government of Alberta releases Alberta Occupational Outlook after every two years. These outlooks are made for the prediction of shortage and surplus for the coming ten years. No policy changes are considered in the occupational outlook. There is a forecast of labor shortage of more than 1,000 workers by 2028 in the following occupations:

  • Accounts
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Hospitality
  • Civil construction

*Check your eligibility to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator instantly for free. Labor shortage in healthcare There will be a shortage of Anaesthesiologists in the coming two years. No shortage or surpluses will be experienced in other sectors of healthcare according to the forecast. There could be challenges in the case of rural and remote positions, which can lead to imbalance in some of the parts of Alberta. Supply Outlook Model of Alberta for education and skills This outlook model will provide the forecast of the number of students who want to study the major fields at different levels of schooling. *Looking  to study in Canada? Y-Axis is here to guide you on all the paths.  Supply Outlook Model of Alberta for aboriginals, minorities, and people with disabilities Forecast has been given for the three groups on the basis of age and gender in Alberta population between 2013 and 2023. Regional Occupational Demand Outlook Current information regarding the labor market is important for different occupations. The forecast includes 140 occupations and their growth in the period of five years. The report includes the following:

  • Jobs available in each occupation
  • Growth percentage from 2016 to 2020
  • Labor market percentage

For each category, three factors are included

  • Number of people available in the occupation
  • Percent changes in annual average growth that is forecasted for each occupation
  • Percentage of labor market share related to a particular occupation

Forecast regarding short-term employment This forecast provides an overview of three years regarding the in-demand occupation in this period. The forecast will examine 450 occupations and the demand for the workers. This demand can be divided into the following categories.

  • High demand
  • Moderately high demand
  • Medium demand
  • Low demand

Potential labor shortages have not been forecasted for short-term employment. It only shows in-demand occupations. Short-term employment forecast also acts as a bridge between the economy of Alberta and long-term forecast of ten years between 2015 and 2025. Conclusion Job outlook for Alberta is scheduled for every two years by the Government of Alberta. In this outlook, the demand of occupations is forecasted along with demand for workers. Do you want to Migrate to Canada from Australia? Get guidance from Y-Axis Australia, the leading migration consultancy in Australia. If you found this blog engaging, you may also like … How to immigrate to Canada as a Nurse?


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