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Posted on November 15 2022

A record 7,060 foreigners get a residence permit to study in Finland in 2022

By  Editor
Updated May 25 2023

Highlights: Highest number of residence permits issued in Finland

  • An all-time record number of residence permits were issued to international students to study in Finland in 2022.
  • A total of 7,060 permits were issued in the period between January 2022 and October 2022.
  • In 2022, the number of student permits issued exceeded the number in 2021 by 54 percent.
  • Finland sees international students to be a potential solution to the country’s worker shortage.

Finland just saw a new record made in the number of resident permits issued in the country for students who arrived to study in Finland. The country issued 7,060 residence permits in the period between January and October of 2022.

This is an all-time record in this category of issue of residence permits. Finland does consider international students as a potential solution to the country’s worker shortage. This should be evident from the fact that the number of foreign students granted residence permits in 2022 exceeded the number in 2021 by 54 percent.

This was what the Deputy Director-General at Finnish Immigration Service, Elina Immonen, had to say about this achievement

“The number of new international students has increased significantly, even when comparing to the pre-COVID years. The number of residence permits granted this year already surpassed the record-breaking year of 2016 when 6,348 first-time residence permits were granted to students,”

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New legislation was introduced in April 2022. It enabled international students to get a residence permit during the entire time they spend in the country studying. In 2021, students were granted residence permits for only up to two years.

It must be encouraging for international students that 95 percent of foreign students who apply for a residence permit get approval, mostly within 20 days in 2022. 

Mrs. Immonen has assured that Finland is constantly working on the improvement of the efficiency and quality of the country’s immigration services. This will be done with digital solutions including automation.

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Some important statistics

  • In 2022, the number of decisions made on residence permit applications by international students has increased by 55 percent compared to 2021.
  • The countries from which the largest number of students applied for a residence permit include China, Russia, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh.
  • The number of applications from international students for study permits in Finland in 2022 was higher by 62 percent compared to 2021.

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