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Posted on April 19 2022

A journalist’s journey from Perth to Canada

By  Editor
Updated November 03 2023

Life Never Comes Easy For Those Who Dream!  Everybody I met thought that my life was a breeze. My family had planned out my future meticulously. Why do you want to pursue a formidable career? When I told my parents my dreams of becoming a journalist, they never patronized me. They instead discussed various aspects of a career of a journalist. True to my dreams, I pursued a degree in mass communications; I joined a TV news channel. I learned the intricacies of reporting for it. As some days became rough and so trying, I wanted to give up the profession. I tried to be patient during these times, reminding myself about my ambitions. My Dreams I always took my life decisions, and my parents respected them. Once, when I decided that I wanted to shift abroad to gain global work experience, they totally supported me. Life was not a breeze as I slogged away like there was no tomorrow. But, at times, I questioned myself. When I spoke to my peers in the same profession, they suggested that I widen my horizons by gaining international experience. At home, my family discussed and debated every vital news item that affected us, and this stayed on with me even when I relocated to Perth. Once, in Australia, I overheard my colleagues discussing overseas and immigration consultants. My eyes lit up. A week later, I logged on to the Y-Axis website. In a telephonic conversation, I opened up to my consultant, confessing all about my family background, interests, work experience, and my dreams. After these discussions, we considered countries I could move to, and we concurred on Canada. About the Profession The journalism sector is highly romanticized and does not pay too well, so journalism degree holders move on to related fields such as public relations. Canada pays journalists better than they do in Europe and Asia. Moreover, Canadians honor the work-life balance. It is a journalist's job to research, investigate, and report their findings through various mediums like newspapers, television, digital media, etc. Some of them freelance. Niche journalists who can write about science, technology, business, and other specific subjects have an edge in the labor market. All available professions in Canada's labor market are classified as per a 4-digit unique code, the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code. Here are some designations that a journalist can work as in Canada:

  • Reviewer of book or films
  • Columnist
  • Broadcast anchor
  • Correspondent
  • Cyberjournalist
  • Investigative reporter
  • Television news reporter

The separate codes for each of them: Announcers and Other Broadcasters (NOC 5231), Editors (NOC 5122), and Authors and Writers (NOC 5121). Roles and responsibilities of a journalist:

  • Exhaustive interviews, researching, investigating, and writing reviews on literature, music, and movies.
  • Conducting extensive research and preparing reports and news articles in diverse fields.

Express Entry Visa Category Canada Express Entry visa category is one of the routes through which the Canadian Immigration authorities select candidates for a permanent residence (PR) visa. Journalists who want to migrate to Canada can do it via the Federal Skilled Worker visas and Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The Express Entry program selects professionals migrating for work through Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). You need to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) where the applicant has to specify job type under skills. After that, your profile is assessed under the Comprehensive Ranking System of Canada, points are granted, and you are placed in a pool. The highest point holders are issued Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for PR. The system's goal is to identify candidates who are most likely to succeed after they migrate to Canada. The maximum score on the points scale is 1200 on which the candidate, spouse/partner, and dependent children are evaluated: Applicants below 45 years with advanced educational qualifications and work experience get more points. If their English/French language proficiency is high, they are granted more points. All those who are sent ITAs by Canada's Immigration authorities have to file their applications within 60 days of receiving them. It, therefore, is better to get your skills assessed much in advance. This qualifies as your Red Seal status, implying you are eligible to work in Canada as a journalist right from the day you set foot there. My dream comes true  As I stepped into the publishing house, it felt surreal. Working in a new country, especially with people from diverse cultures, left me overawed. What struck me most about working in Canada is the democratic culture at the workplace. Although employees have to obey bosses in Canada, they can take up initiatives independently. The multicultural diversity and skills, like integrity and openness, are greatly valued here. Included among the various Canada immigration pathways are Express Entry, Provincial Nomination Program, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot, and Start-up visa.  Conclusion  Although Canada's Express Entry is considered one of the quickest means to get permanent residence in Canada, you can try the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC), depending on your experience and inclination to work in smaller towns. Need assistance to migrate to Canada? Talk to Y-Axis, the leading overseas immigration consultant in Australia. If you found this story engaging, you may also like


Migration of a journalist from Perth to Canada

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