A chef’s journey from Sydney to Canada

A chef’s journey from Sydney to Canada (1)

When I told my relatives that my dream was to become a Michelin Star Chef, they were astounded.

I was a hotel management student who had taken a fancy for cooking.  Once I completed my degree from a Hotel Management institute, I also began a food blog and participated enthusiastically in cooking competitions wherever they were held in Chennai, India.

Job opportunities 

As a chef, you can create menus to suit different tastes, comply with food quality standards, and keep an eye on inventory. This profession is for those who love cooking and like to create unique dishes.

With the hospitality industry growing by leaps and bounds, the demand for chefs and other professionals in this industry has also grown. They can also be employed in yachts or on passenger ships. If you love cooking, this is the profession for you.

My tryst with cooking 

Though I landed a job in Sydney at a plush restaurant, it wasn’t a breeze. I began by doing odd jobs such as chopping vegetables before I could work my way up. I earned the certification of Certified Culinary Administrator. By this time, my food blog began attracting more eyeballs.

I also started a food blog to gain visibility. As I uploaded cooking videos and began interviewing successful chefs, it was gaining traction.

My aspirations of making it big

I nursed a dream of being a meat chef in Canada. I wanted to be a cook par excellence who could whip up tasty meat dishes that people globally could savor. Cuisines gain a name only in North America or the EU, where they achieve cult status. I decided that Canada would present me with promising opportunities where I could cook innovative dishes.

My friends in India suggested that I contact Y-Axis. I followed their advice and called up their office in Melbourne. Speaking with a consultant online, I shared all my details such as age, educational qualifications, work experience, proficiency in English, etc. After he noted them all down, he began sharing information with me and also answering all my questions. I made it clear to her that Canada was where I wanted to go.

Her colleagues presented me with the instructions I had to follow to the T to get a visa to Canada. I also told them that I wanted to migrate on a work visa. They then directed me to Y-Jobs, their internal recruitment department, that helps skilled people look for jobs abroad. I decided to give Y-Jobs an opportunity.

Inching closer to my dreams 

I was not surprised to know that chefs were in demand in Canada. Chefs can apply for Express Entry if they have the right work experience, educational qualifications, and the skills necessary to apply for Canada Residency. For instance, provinces such as Alberta, New Brunswick, and Manitoba, among others, are on the lookout to hire qualified chefs who can work and live in Canada.

They can apply for migration to Canada under the federal government’s immigration program. Points are calculated by using the Canadian Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) under the Express Entry program.

People who receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from Canada’s immigration authorities will have to apply within 60 days. It is better to get your skills assessment completed beforehand, as it will make you eligible to start working right from day one in Canada.

In July 2021, the Y-Axis consultant called to tell me that the application process had begun. The online Express Entry profile which I had submitted entered into a draw pool that takes place bi-weekly. The candidates who score the highest number of points are selected, and an ITA is sent to them for permanent residence.


Canada was very welcoming and friendly. I have begun working a few months ago, and my peers have been accommodating. I seriously would suggest people wanting to migrate to Canada go through the application process meticulously. It is better if they seek the assistance of immigration consultants who have expertise and experience in sending people abroad.

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