10 Benefits that an Australian citizen enjoy over Permanent Residents

Below are the ten benefits that an Australian citizen enjoys over a Permanent resident in Australia:


It is mandatory in Australia for its citizens above 18 years to vote in federal, state, local elections and referendums.

Be a politician

An Australian citizen above 18 years has the right to contest elections as a Senator, federal or state MP or local councilor.

Join the army

The Defense Force in Australia mandates that their entire staffs are Australian citizens while good number of other public sector jobs is also open for permanent residents

Serve on a jury

As a citizen, you can serve on a jury, as quoted by the SBS. If you are eligible to vote you can be asked to serve on the jury in Australia.

Get an awesome passport

Australian passport entitles you to enter 170 nations in the world without a visa. This puts it as one among the top ranking passports to travel as per the yearly Passport Index.

Get consular help from DFAT overseas

If you are an Australian citizen and in trouble overseas, you can obtain consular assistance. Depending on the situation you can get in touch with the 24-hour Consular Emergency Centre.

Make your kids Australian citizens

Once you become an Australian citizen, you can make your overseas born kid as a citizen of Australia by descent. This will give them equal rights on par with kids born in Australia.

Get a HELP debt

HELP is the Higher Education Loan Program of the federal government. It is a loan you can defer the costs of your study until the time you begin to earn for repayment. You can get this as a citizen of Australia.

Stay in Australia forever

Even though permanent residents can also stay indefinitely in Australia, they need to get a visa for the Resident return every 5 years if they intend to depart from the nation and come back. As a citizen of Australia, this is not applicable to you.

Move to New Zealand

Citizens of Australia can move to New Zealand permanently though you may not consider this option.

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