Canadian Visit Visa


A trip to Canada on a visit visa can be very fruitful if one is well informed of the eligibility criterion to acquire a Canadian visit visa. Though the visit visa period is limited to 6 months a well informed applicant can prep well and reap benefits from the visit.

A tourist on visit visa is expected to leave the country on or before the expiry date of the visa or the stay period provided at the Port of Entry.


Canadian visit visa – Flexible as a friend

The Canadian visit visa is known to be very flexible and easy to avail. A whopping five million visitors comprising of students, tourists or temporary workers queue up to Canada every year to prove this. A basic evaluation of the applicant’s origin and purpose of visit is mandatory. Based on which some visitors may even need a temporary resident visa.

Working in Canada is a strict NO, while touring the country on a visit visa; however an applicant is permitted to accommodate dependents and children. There are few formalities to be fulfilled by the applicants in this scenario.


To apply for the Canada tourist visa the following eligibility criteria should be met:

  • Foremost criterion to apply for a visit visa is the financial stability to support one’s stay in Canada.
  • An applicant should not hold any previous criminal record in the country of origin.
  • The applicant should not intend to take up a job in Canada during the visit.
  • If the applicant has a friend or relative to accommodate him in his visit in Canada, an invitation letter from them is mandatory.
  • Few details vary from profile to profile and some may even need a temporary resident visa

Documents to be furnished

  • Documents validating financial stability or Sponsorship proof to support one’s stay in Canada
  • A Letter from the inviting company and other supporting info.
  • Documents validating employment or business establishment details of the applicant in his country of origin.
  • IT Return documents.

Process Timeline

The stipulated period to process a Canadian visit visa from the date of submission can be anywhere between 8-15 days.

Y-Axis Process

On registering with Y-Axis we advise you on:

    • The best strategy to get your visa
    • How to present your case to minimize the chances of facing a personal interview.
    • How and what finances are to be shown.
    • The list of documents to be presented.
    • Assistance in filling up forms.
    • Total documentation review.

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