NZ Skilled Migrant Category Residence Visa With Qualification Assessment Via Licensed Adviser


New Zealand allows overseas immigrants to enter and settle in the nation through the program known as skilled migrants.

The skilled migrant’s scheme awards points to the applicant immigrants and it is on the basis of these points that the applicants are given an opportunity to seek a job in New Zealand. The authorization to work in New Zealand under the skilled migrant scheme is initially for a period of two years. It can be improved into a permanent residency after the immigrant has settled in New Zealand and also fulfills the criterions for permanent residency.

Under the program of skilled migrants, the applicants who secure the work approval in New Zealand are permitted to apply for the visa of their spouse and dependent children to permit them to live in the nation. After the immigrants stay in New Zealand for five years on the permanent residency, they can submit their application for processing the New Zealand citizenship.


Approval for residence through the skilled migrant’s scheme:
The immigrant applicant who is skilled and wishes to settle in New Zealand permanently is given the authorization to work under the skilled migrant’s program.
The immigrants who wish to obtain the visa under the skilled migrants’ scheme must fulfill these conditions:
The immigrant applicants must be below 56 years
The applicants must satisfy the English language requirements
The immigrants must select a job which is present in the lNZ’s list of skilled jobs and they should also fulfill the criterions that are specified for that particular job
If the job selected by the applicant is an accredited employment in New Zealand, they must also satisfy the conditions required for registration
The health and character eligibility conditions must be fulfilled

Program Details

Upon completion of the application for residence authorization:
Based on the ability of the immigrant to settle in New Zealand and the firm intent, the work visa or residency visa is issued to the applicant.

The work visa that is given under the skilled migrant’s scheme is valid for a period of nine months and allows the applicant to search job and the applicant should be having sufficient funds to support the stay in New Zealand. This visa to search work under the skilled migrant’s scheme only permits the applicant to search jobs and is not a guarantee of a job or stay in New Zealand.
The immigrant who receives the approval search jobs is not allowed to be accompanied by the family members. Only after the immigrant gets a job in New Zealand he is allowed to submit an application for his permanent residence and the visa of his family members.
The approval to reside will allow an immigrant to work and live in New Zealand for 24 months and travel any number of times. Once the 24 months period is completed, the immigrant becomes eligible to submit an application for a permanent residence visa. This will again be subject to qualifying the requirement of stay of more than 184 days in each of the 12 month periods. This stay must be immediately before the application of permanent residence authorization.
Immigrants who have resided in New Zealand for a period of five years are eligible to apply for the citizenship of New Zealand.
Requirements for point based authorization:
The immigrants who secure at least 140 points under the points based scheme are eligible to get selected for a job offer under the jobs pool for which the selection is done once in every two-week period.
Applicants who secure points less than 140 and more than 100 points are having better chances of securing skilled migrants visa only if they have an offer of employment in New Zealand or in case if their score is at least 135 points in the categorical skills group.
If the applicants score less than 140 points and more than 100 points it is recommended that they have an offer of employment in New Zealand.
The diverse factors on which points are given to the immigrants are an offer of a job that is present in the skilled jobs shortage list in New Zealand, age, recent work experience, having close family members in New Zealand, qualifications and job offer of the spouse.
Additional qualifying requirements:
Proficiency in English:
The applicants who wish to successfully process their skilled migrant’s visa are also required to have a minimum proficiency in the English language. In case if they submit scores secured in an internationally recognized exam, for instance, the International English Language Testing System, they will cater to this requirement and the scores must be more than 6.5 points in the general or Academic category.
Applicants can also submit their qualification documents that they have secured through the language of instruction as English. It is the discretion of the immigration officer to demand the test scores even if the applicants have furnished the documents of their qualifications.
The linguistic proficiency can be asked for even for the immigrant applicant’s partner.
Monetary ability:
The applicants of the skilled migrant scheme also must have the capability of sufficient funds to cater to the relocation, travel and living expenditures in New Zealand. The immigrants who have applied for the job search visa must submit proof of having a minimum of 1000 dollars for every month and for nine months period. It will also be checked if the applicants have this fund.

Application Process

Phase 1: The applicant is assessed for qualifications by the NZQA, if applicable for the expression of interest.
Phase 2: The immigrant applicant must submit the expression of inclination to the Immigration New Zealand.
Phase 3: After the INZ issues the invitation application to the immigrant, the applicant has to apply for the approval of residence at the nearby immigration office. The centers for application vary from one country to another.
The time period for processing documents:
Assessment of qualifications: The time period for this assessment varies from 2 to 3 months that is dependent on the document processing department.
Certification or authorization: The time period for this varies from 4 months to three months and varies from every department that processes the documents.
The time period for processing visas:
The visa application processing time can range from 24 months to 18 months from the date of application to the New Zealand Immigration office. This is also dependent on the total applications of immigrants and the available visas from the yearly limit.

Application Cost

Expression of interest: New Zealand dollars 510
NZQA’s pre-assessment: New Zealand dollars 138 having processing time of 30 to 20 days
NZQA’s total assessment: New Zealand dollars 746 having processing time of 35 to 45 days
Approval for residence through the skilled migrant’s program: New Zealand dollars 2,400 and it varies from one nation to another
Levy for immigrants: Immigrant applicants more than five years have to pay 310 New Zealand dollars and Immigrant applicants less than five years are charged 155 New Zealand dollars and this is applicable for successful applicants.
# Qualification assessment of New Zealand: The immigrant applicants whose certifications are not integrated into the recognized institutes that do not require a pre-assessment before submitting their expression of interest. Upon the completion of assessment, the immigrants have to submit their completed international qualification assessment and their application for approval of residence.
## The immigrants who have applied for visa processing of more than four people must get their fee paid only through the four oldest members of the family.
### Visa processing also incurs added expenditures such as courier charges, DD fee, notary and translation services and these expenses are variable depending on the service provider.
The legal framework of New Zealand mandates that applicants who wish to obtain services for immigration must do sonly through recognized and certified consultants. Y- Axis has partnered with accredited consultants in New Zealand to provide services to applicants in India for migrating to New Zealand.
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