NZ Skilled Migrant Category Residence Visa Via Licensed Adviser


The category of Skilled Migrants in New Zealand permits overseas immigrants to move and stay in the nation on a permanent basis.

This scheme is based on awarding of points that authorize a person to be employed in New Zealand and gives right of entry to the job market. The work authorization that is given under the scheme of skilled migrants is for a period of two years in the beginning. This can be transformed to Permanent residence easily once the immigrant settles in New Zealand and satisfies the eligibility for permanent residence.

The work authorization under the skilled migrant’s scheme is also a family visa that permits you to apply for the application of your dependent children and spouse for authorization to stay in New Zealand. Once you have complete five years of stay in New Zealand on the permanent residency, you are eligible to apply for the citizenship.


Residence authorization under the category of Skilled migrant:

The authorization for staying in New Zealand under the scheme of skilled migrants is given to talented skilled workers who wish to settle in the nation on a permanent basis.

The applicants who wish to secure this category of visa must satisfy the below eligibility criterions:
The applicant must not have exceeded 55 years

They must fulfill the linguistic requirements for English

The immigrant must choose a job that is included in the list of skilled jobs of the INZ and satisfy the eligibility requirements for the specific job

In case the chosen job is under the recognized occupation in New Zealand, they must fulfill the eligibility for registration

The character and health criterions must be satisfied

Program Details

Once the application for residency visa is done:

Depending on the capability of the immigrant applicant to settle with success in New Zealand and the firm intention, a work authorization or residence authorization is given to the applicant.

The work authorization is given for a period of nine months that will permit you to search employment opportunities and the immigrant must have the financial stability to cater to the stay in New Zealand. The authorization to search job under the scheme of skilled migrants gives the chance to the applicants to seek skilled work in New Zealand and it does not assure offer of employment or for residence.

The family is not permitted to go along with the applicant on the job search authorization. Once the immigrant receives the offer of a job, he is permitted to apply for the residence authorization and can apply for the family member’s visa too.

The residence authorization will permit an immigrant to be employed and stay in New Zealand for a minimum period of twenty-four months and travel for an indefinite period. Upon the completion of the 24 months period, the immigrant will be qualified for a permanent residence authorization depending on whether he has resided for more than a period of 184 days for every calendar year of 12 months in the 24 months period instantly before the application of the permanent residence.

Applicants must have stayed in New Zealand for a period of five years prior to the application of becoming a national of New Zealand.

Requirements for point based authorization:
The immigrants who apply under the points-based system must secure a minimum of 140 points to get selected by default in the pool of jobs in which the process of selection is held every two weeks.
Immigrant applicants who score more than 100 points and less than 140 points will have more chances only if they have an offer for employment from New Zealand or if they secure a minimum of 135 points for unconditional skills.

In case the applicants have secured less than 140 points and above 100 points, it is advisable that they have a job offer from New Zealand.

The various criterions on which points are awarded include latest work history, skilled work offer from New Zealand in a job on the skills shortage list for the long term, age, work offer for the spouse, qualifications of the spouse and presence of family or close kith and kin in New Zealand.

Additional eligibility requirements:
Aptitude in English:
The immigrants who apply under the skilled migrant scheme must satisfy the minimum linguistic standard in the English language. They will satisfy the requirement in case they furnish scores of a globally accredited test such as the International English Language Testing System and the score must be above 6.5 points in the Academic or General category.

They can even provide accredited qualifications that have been secured with English as the language of instruction. The immigration officer will have the right to decide whether to demand the scores in any test in spite of the applicant having been furnished the documents of qualifications.
The language proficiency might be asked even for the partner of the applicant.

Financial ability:
The immigrants who apply for the authorization under the skilled migrant’s scheme must have the ability to financially support their travel, relocation, and expenses for living in New Zealand. The applicants under the job search authorization must give evidence of having at least 1000 dollars every month for a period of nine months and this will be verified.

Application Process

Step 1: The immigrant applicant must undergo the evaluation for qualifications through the NZQA, in case if applicable the expression of inclination.

Step 2: The applicant will have to furnish the expression of preference to the Immigration New Zealand.

Step 3: Once the applicant receives the invitation from INZ for the application, the immigrant must apply for the authorization of residence at the immigration office close by. The application centers differ from nation to nation.

The time period for processing documents:

Evaluation of qualifications: It ranges from 2 to 3 months and could vary depending on the department processing the documents

Authorization or certification: It ranges from 3 to 4 months and could vary from department to department processing the documents

The time period for processing visas:
The duration for visa application processing ranges from 18 to 24 months beginning from the date on which the application was submitted to the Immigration office of New Zealand. The processing time is also dependent on the number of applications and the availability of annual ceiling number.

Fee Charged:
Expression of Inclination: 510 New Zealand dollars
Pre- evaluation by NZQA: 138 New Zealand dollars with process time of 20 to 30 days
Complete evaluation by NZQA: 746 New Zealand dollars with process time of 45 to 35 days
Resident authorization under the skilled migrant scheme: 2,400 New Zealand dollars and depends on your native nation

Immigrant Tariff: 310 New Zealand dollars for immigrant applicant above five years who are successful and 155 New Zealand dollars for immigrant applicant below five years who are successful
# Qualification evaluation of New Zealand: The applicants whose qualifications are not included in the accredited institutes that are waived from evaluation need a pre-evaluation result prior to submitting the expression of inclination application. Once the evaluation is completed, the applicants must furnish their completed global qualification evaluation along with the application for residence authorization.

## Applications that have more than four applicants the immigrant tariff can be paid only by the four eldest members of the family.
### Additional expenditures such as DD charges, the fee for couriers, translation services and notary are also present and the cost heads are dependent on the third parties involved.

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