Life without family seems empty especially when one moves to a foreign land to pursue his/her goals. Like most nations, the Canadian government too devised a special visa category for family visits and the benefits are amazing.
You can apply for the Canada Super Family Visa if you want to temporarily visit your child/children or grandchild/grandchildren, who live or work in Canada. The super family visa has all the benefits that come along with a permanent residency. Interestingly the validly it period is until a month prior to the expiry of the visa.

Canada Super Family Visa & Its benefits.
It gets more lucrative with the multiple entry option and the renew interval which is 2 years. Immigration officers will run a check on your vital data, before granting this visa. Your purpose of visit, your family bonds back in your home town, financial stability and a letter of invitation from your host in Canada and Health Examination report.
Point to remember
Your host and sponsor have an income that fulfils the threshold for the minimum level of income as suggested by the Immigration Authorities in Canada for sponsoring/inviting grandparents on a temporary visit visa. Pack your bags for Canada, once you get a confirmation from the Canadian authorities about the legitimacy of the documents you submitted.
Y-Axis will guide you in this entire process to ensure every stage is cleared without any hiccups.


Program Benefits

  • Visit Canada temporarily with multiple entries with a validity of ten years
  • Stay with your family for a period of two years without worrying about the hassles of renewals
  • Documentation and processing are hassle-free
  • Visa approval within two to three months’ time


  • Your children/grandchildren are citizens/permanent residents of Canada
  • Child/Grandchild sponsoring you should earn the minimum income required by the Canadian immigration authorities for sponsoring a visitor
  • Invitation letter from your child/grandchild attached with documents to prove financial stability so as to extending support during your period of stay
  • Medical insurance in Canada with coverage period of 1 year
  • Get certified by the immigration medical examiner
  • Furnish all required documents to process the visa application
  • Please Note: You cannot include dependents other than your common law partner/spouse.

Low Income Cut-Offs (LICO)

Family Unit Size Min. Salary
Single person (child/grandchild) $23,861
1+1 $29,706
1+2 $36,520
1+3 $44,340
1+4 $50,290
1+5 $56,718
1+6 $63,147
Additional $6,429 is charged if the size of family is more than 7 people

Process Timeline

It takes anywhere between 15 to 30 working days to get your visa, post submission of your visa application.

Y-Axis Process

Our Service offering Includes:

  • Provide best assistance and advice with best strategies to get a visa.
  • Assist you with presenting your application in a manner such that your chances of being called for a personal interview are low.
  • Help you with the financial documentation that needs to be submitted along with your application.
  • Preparing and assisting you with the documentation and filing process.
  • In rare cases, when you are called for a personal interview, we undertake visa interview date bookings on your behalf. We also prepare you for the interview.

Why Choose Y-Axis?

Apply for a Canada Super visa through our professionally run consultancy that has extensive experience in processing visa and immigration worldwide, with high success rates. With a clear set of terms and conditions in place that are transparent and clear, we undertake only those cases which we feel confident in representing successfully.