Australia Student Visa (Subclass 570/571/572/573/574/575/576) Via RMA


The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), Australia has registered and authorised migration agents called RMA. The RMA’s are expected to be well versed with the immigration rules and diligently follow the code of conduct set up by MARA.

The Australian government has been steadfast in their endeavours to provide quality education, positive environment and in streamlining the visa process, which attracts many international students every year. Australian education system has reached the mark of excellence thanks to the positive reviews by students who studied there. What makes it more impressive is the exhaustive list of courses offered by the Australian education system. Australia has become a thriving place for students from different countries and cultures, and your exposure as a student would be quite rich.

Practical training and industry experience in your field of expertise is the norm for every program. Healthcare, Agribusiness, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Sustainable Energy, Mining and Minerals, Space, Environment and Natural resources are some of the prominent streams that are involved in research and development work, along with abundant openings.

Australians are keen lovers of sports and nature and have an enviable lifestyle. All work and no play lifestyle is something that they cannot imagine. Students who move in to Australia tend to absorb the agility and positive attitude that Australians exhibit. As a student your options are aplenty to learn about various cultures, imbibe good qualities and explore opportunities in your field of expertise.

Program Details

Student visas are currently available in the following Subclasses:

  • Independent ELICOS Subclass 570
  • Schools Subclass 571
  • Vocational Education and Training Subclass 572
  • Higher Education Subclass 573
  • Postgraduate Research Subclass 574
  • Non-award Subclass 575
  • Foreign Affairs or Defence Subclass 576


To be eligible for the above visa subclasses you need to fulfil the following criteria:

• Register in a full-time study program in Australia or be part of a registered course in Australia.
• Furnish documents supporting your intention to stay in Australia, on a temporary basis.
• Furnish proof of financial stability that can support your travel, tuition and living expenses. This includes finances for self-sustainability and to support partner or dependent children, residing within or outside Australia.
• Medical certificates to prove a stable health condition and meet other stipulated health requirements.
• Obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for medical cover and hospital insurance.
• Score reasonable points in acceptable standardized tests that prove competence in English language.
• Character certificate, if required.
• Have no outstanding debts payable to the Australian government.
The table below outlines the financial requirements in Australian dollars (AUD) you need to show for this visa. Cost of living in Australia is not included in the overheads mentioned. The table below helps you to understand the minimum finances necessary, to acquire this visa.

The table below outlines the financial requirements in Australian dollars (AUD) you need to show for this visa. Cost of living in Australia is not included in the overheads mentioned. The table below helps you to understand the minimum finances necessary, to acquire this visa.

Expenses Per Person Amount Required in AUD
Travel Applicant Return air fare to Australia
Family Members Return air fare to Australia/person
Tution Applicant Course fees
Children aged 5-18 AUD8000 per year
Living Applicant AUD18 610 per year
Partner AUD6515 per year
First child AUD3720 per year
Additional charge per child AUD2790 per year

*contact Y-Axis for more accurate costs.

Program Benefits

  1. The Australian degree is accepted and valued globally, opening doors to a plethora of opportunities.
  2. If the applicant meets the perquisite conditions, he/she can take dependent family members along with him/her to Australia.
  3. Work 40 hours a fortnight during the academic session and work for unrestricted hours during course breaks.
  4. Dependents can work up to 40 hours per fortnight, once the applicant joins the registered course.
  5. Dependents of a postgraduate student can work for unlimited hours.
  6. If married, your partner can fly with you and study for a period of 3 months in Australia.

Process Timeline

The processing time can vary between 14 days to 3 months, depending upon the assessment levels of applicant.

Y-Axis Process

  • RMA will coordinate and represent you with the Immigration authorities in Australia
  • Counselling and guidance.
  • List of documents required.
  • Assistance with application and processing.
  • Forms, Documentation & Petition Filing.

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