Australia Remaining Relative Visa Via Registered Migration Agents


Remaining Relative Visa is applicable to people whose related family live in Australia. Only siblings and parents count as ‘relatives’ under this visa. You must not have any siblings, parents, or non-dependent children, other than those in Australia. The Remaining Relative visa subclass 115 is a permanent visa for people who want to live in Australia and be around their remaining relatives.

Your application must be made outside Australia and you must be based outside Australia at the time of application. Y-Axis can assist you with this visa application process. You can interact with a migration expert at our offices in India or Australia (Melbourne).

Your application will be processed and represented by our RMAs (Registered Migration Agents) to the processing body (DIBP). RMAs will communicate with the Australian immigration department officials on your behalf, with your consent.

Program Benefits

As a Visa Subclass 115 holder you and your family can:
• Move to Australia for an indefinite period.
• Avail work, study, Medicare and all other facilities that your visa entitles you to claim.
• Apply for an Australian citizenship upon eligibility.
• Multiple entry to Australia, from the issued date till the visa expiry date.


To get this visa, you must satisfy the below criteria:
• Only your (and your partner’s) near relatives should be residing in Australia.
• An eligible, near relative or their partner can sponsor you. All the family members have to be included in your visa application.
• You have someone who will provide you with an assurance of support.
• You and your family members meet the required health and character criteria.
Your near relative can include your parents or partner’s parents (biological or step parent), brother, sister, stepbrother or stepsister; child (including stepchild) aged 18 years and above but not dependent on you or your partner; or a child (includes stepchild) under 18 years but not under you or our partner’s care & control.
Your relative can sponsor you if:

• She/he is an Australian citizen.
• She/he is an Australian permanent resident.
• She/he is a New Zealand citizen.
• She/he is residing in Australia
• She/he is financially capable of supporting the sponsored person, including payment towards social security, if such a payment was made to the person under assurance.
• You meet the Health and Character criteria for Immigration.

You will be required to:

1. Undergo a medical examination along with chest X-rays, by the panel of doctors authorized by the Australian Immigration Authorities.
2. Provide the latest police clearance certificate for all the countries where you resided for more than 12 months, in the past 10 years since turning 16 years.
3. Have an approved assurance of support – the assuror and the sponsor need not be the same.

Our Full Service & Processing Includes:

• You will be provided with a document checklist and assistance on understanding the documentation process.
• Templates will be provided for Resume, Experience letters, Project reports, Affidavits and other formats, wherever applicable.
• Documentation will be reviewed by our consultants and you will be provided with the necessary feedback.
• Quality check by the respective team managers to for effective documentation.
• Assistance will be provided by our consultants on all correspondences with the assessing authorities.
• You will be provided with updates on any changes in rules and regulations.
• Provide alternative options as per new policies effected by the Australian Government.
• Prepare you for the next stage requirements.

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