Assessment For Canada Migration Services For Main Applicant and Spouse


Are you planning to move to Canada with your spouse? You may need some guidance for settling down as professionals there. Who can be better than us in providing you with the necessary details for your life in Canada.

For the convenience of couples like you, Y-Axis has developed a product called Y-Path which will give you all the information you need.

Find all that you need:

Y-Path will inform you not only about your eligibility to work in Canada, but also lets you know if your spouse’s status in this aspect. Here you will know everything relating to your IELTS requirements, experience requirements, nominated occupation, processing stages, application fees and all other information you both need to make a successful career abroad.

We also inform you about the popular migration programs relating to Canada, making it easy for you to take the most important decision of your lives.

Our product provides information about Canadian immigration in great detail, so that you don’t miss out on any thing that is important. Y-Path is the best if you are looking for counseling for Canada for couples.

Stay with us:

You won’t find anyone who is better than us, in the entire immigration market. This is a claim we are making after satisfying countless customers through our constant and dedicated immigration and visas services.

So, if Canada is your destination to establish a career along with your spouse, you must check out Y-Path to stay updated with all the information. Take Y-Path for Professional Couples and talk to one of our consultants. Get all the details you need to know!

Y-Axis Deliverables

The Evaluation process is towards understanding your eligibility with respect to Canada and the type of visa you are applying.

The technical Evaluation Report will provide a detailed presentation of the total points scored based on the selection factors in assessing yours and your spouse eligibility.
It equips you with information on IELTS requirements, experience requirements, your nominated Occupation, processing stages, application fees, and an overview of all other related products and services.

Y-Path Report will provide information about Canada:
• Graphical illustration of different options to live and work in Canada.
• Country Information – Canada.
• List of popular programs to migrate to Canada
• Your profile synopsis – is prepared based on the information provided by you in your Resume and Y-Axis evaluation form.
• Your career prospects in Canada specific to your industry and occupation.

You are required to provide us complete information with respect to your Personal details/Education /Employment and other requisites as per the forms provided.

We have our processing center only in Hyderabad and your Technical evaluation will be processed by our team here.

After finalizing your evaluation, the report shall be generated as per the current points system.

All your correspondence during the process will be communicated by your consultant to us.

Evaluation report generated does not confirm a success; it describes your eligibility provided the aforementioned requirements and points are met.”

Process Timeline

  • Y-Axis Process time-Evaluation – 2 Business days.
  • Further process times will be confirmed in the report.

*Depending on the clarifications needed we may take more time to research and give you an update.

Our offices across the Indian Subcontinent and Overseas make us the only consultant in India with a widespread presence, because of which we file the highest number of application from India. Y-AXIS also employs and works with regulated & accredited immigration lawyers in our own offices in London and partner offices in Australia. We have the highest success rate in India & over 50% of our business comes from referrals & word of mouth.

They are five countries that currently have a point based immigration program. Point based immigration is a good option for those who want to work & settle overseas.

There are a number of categories under which an applicant can file his/her application. You can either apply independently /a relative sponsor you / an overseas Employer sponsor you Or the country itself sponsor you. Applicants whose occupations are in demand usually get bonus points & faster processing. Each country has their specific list of occupations.

10 Good Reasons Why Choose Y-Axis

  1. We are the established Market Leaders in overseas careers with company owned and operated branch in your city. We do not have
    franchisees. Most of our customers come to us through word of mouth which we built based on trust and quality over the years.
  2. We are a one stop shop for all your overseas career needs.
  3. You get the benefit from our deep and extensive knowledge base which we have accumulated from processing thousands of cases
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  4. We have a pulse on global trends in careers and immigration and always have updated information which we share with you through
    our weekly newsletters and email alerts.
  5. We have rock solid financial credentials that you would seek in the company when you would be making an investment of a large sum
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  6. We are system driven and have transparent processes and costs. All our offices are designed keeping this principle in mind–the reason why you will notice a lot of see through glass.
  7. We conduct business in good faith and you will notice that our agreements are fair and reasonable.
  8. We help you search for a job and settle down. Our Job Search Services Department is one of the strengths of our company.
  9. We have the best consultants in the market who are competent, committed and experienced. You will notice this yourself.
  10. We are competitively priced and offer flexible payment options and charge on a success fee basis. If we don’t deliver, we refund.

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