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Express Entry draw conducted in April 2022

Express-Entry-Draws-of-Apr-2022 (1)

Express Entry draw is the latest draw introduced in Canada to invite immigrants for permanent residency. Express Entry is the fastest pathway to migrate to Canada. Three streams come under Express Entry system and they are as follows:

Eligibility criteria to migrate to Canada

You can check your eligibility to migrate to Canada through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Express Entry Draws in April 2022

Two Express Entry draws were held in April 2022 in which 1616 candidates were invited. The table below will show the details of the draw:

Express Entry in April 2022

Total draws: 2

Total ITAs: 1616

Sl. No. Draw No. Invited Date of Draw Time of Draw CRS cut-off ITAs issued Tie-breaking rule applied
1 #220 PNP April 13, 2022 April 13, 2022 at 14:13:01 UTC 782 787 April 07, 2022 at 16:31:21 UTC
2 #221 PNP April 27, 2022 April 27,2022 16:04:21 UTC 772 829 March 24,2022 at 8:00:50 UTC

Express Entry #220

Canada held its first Express Entry draw on April 13, 2022. The number of candidates invited through this draw is 787. Only PNP candidates have been sent the invitations to migrate to Canada. The minimum comprehensive score for this draw is 782 points.

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Express Entry #221

The second Express Entry was conducted by IRCC on April 27, 2022. The number of candidates invited in this draw is 829. The candidates have been invited through PNP and the minimum comprehensive ranking system score is 772.

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Other details of Express Entry draw

Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, has announced that CEC and FSWP draws will be resumed in early July of 2022. Both the draws have been closed due to the COVID pandemic. The resumption of these draws will be beneficial for many candidates. Immigrants who have temporary bias and which can expire at any time will also get benefitted through this draw.

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Canada PNP round-up April 2022

All-in-one-Canada-PNP-Apr-2022 (1)

Almost all the provinces of Canada hold Provincial Nominee Program draws.  Skilled workers are invited through these draws so that they can meet the labor and economic needs of the province. In April 2022, the number of candidates invited through PNP draws is 2937 and 5 provinces have conducted 10 PNP draws to invite these candidates to migrate to Canada.

List of provinces that conducted PNP draws

The five provinces that conducted these draws are as follows:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • PEI

Complete details of PNP draws conducted in April 2022

The table below will show the details of the draw that were held in 2022.

All PNP draws in April 2022

Total  no. of candidates: 2937

Total draws: 10

Sl. No Date  Draw  No. of candidates
1 April 14, 2022 Alberta 250
2 April 5, 2022 British Columbia


3 April 12, 2022 160

April 19, 2022

5 April 26, 2022 148
6 April 7, 2022 Manitoba 223
7 April 21, 2022 303
8 April 26, 2022 Ontario 1034
9 April 28, 2022 301
10 April 21, 2022 PEI 141
Total 2937

Results of the draw of each province

Now we will look at the draws conducted by each province and their results.


Alberta Immigration Nominee Program has held only one draw in which 250 candidates were invited.

The draw was conducted on April 14, in which 250 candidates were invited. The CRS score for these candidates is 356.

The detail of the draw is available in the following table:

AINP draws in April 2022

Total Draw: 1

Total Invitations: 250

Invitation Dates Number of Invitations issued CRS score of lowest ranked candidate
April 14, 2022 250 356

British Columbia

British Columbia conducted 4 draws in April 2022. Under Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC categories which include skilled workers and international graduates. The dates on which British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program draws were held are 5, 12, 19, and 26.

The table below will show the details of all these draws.

BC PNP draws in April 2022

Total Draws: 4

Total Invitations: 685

Sl. No Date CRS Score Invitations issued
1 April 5, 2022 70-125 198
2 April 12, 2022 70-87 160

April 19, 2022

70-110 179
4 April 26, 2022 65-85 148


There are three streams under which Manitoba has invited 506 candidates. These streams include

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • International Education Stream

Manitoba has held two Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program draw in April 2022. These two draws are as follows:

  • EOI Draw #142: First draw was held on April 7, 2022 and issued 223 LAAs
  • EOI Draw #144: Second draw was held on April 21, 2022 and issued 303 LAAs

The table below will show the full detail of these two draws.

MPNP Draws in April 2022

Total Invitations: 506

Draw Date of Draw Total LAAs sent CRS Score
EOI Draw #142 April 7, 2022 223 683-739
EOI Draw #144 April 21, 2022 303 707-708


Ontario has issued 1335 invitations through Ontario Immigration Nominee Program in April 2022. The streams under which the draws were held are as follows:

  • Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream
  • Employer Job Offer: International Student stream
  • Masters Graduate stream
  • Skilled Trades stream
Ontario PNP draws in April 2022

Total Draws: 2

Total Invitations: 1335

Date of round of invitations NOIs / ITAs issued CRS scores
April 26, 2022 1034 300-461
April 28, 2022 301 460-467

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island has held Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program draws for the past four months in 2022. All the draws were conducted without any delay. PEI has held only one draw in April in which 130 candidates were invited. The streams under which these candidates were invited are Labour Impact and Express Entry. The remaining 11 candidates were invited under the Business Impact stream.

PEI PNP draws in April 2022

Total Draws 1

Total Invitations: 141

Invitation Date  Invitations sent to Business Impact Category Invitations sent to Express Entry and Labour Impact categories Total invitations in draw
April 21, 2022 11 130 141

Reasons to migrate to Canada through PNP draw

PNP is a program that can be used by those candidates who could not migrate to Canada through Express Entry System. When candidates are qualified for PNP, they get 600 points in the CRS automatically. There are two categories of Provincial Nominee Program, which are as follows:

Enhanced PNPs

In this type of PNP, Express Entry is used to invite the candidates.

Base PNPs

This PNP operates independently. Express Entry System is not used in it.

Checking eligibility to migrate to Canada

If you are willing to migrate to Canada, you need to check your eligibility which can be done through Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

The factors on which the Canada Immigration Points calculator analyses the score are as follows:

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Age
  • Employment in Canada
  • Adaptability

*Note: Candidates have to score a minimum of 67 points to migrate to Canada.

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Canberra Matrix invited 178 Candidates on 29 April

Australia Draw Apr 29 (1)

A fixed number of nomination places are available by the ACT every month, and the highest-ranked matrix in every profession was sent invitations to apply for the ACT nomination. The cut-off for selecting is depended on the date, time, and monthly allocation that is remaining of the Matrix submission, profession demand, and cap. The more need for a particular profession, the higher the rank of the Matrix score invited.

The minimum score is only an indication and not an assurance that an invitation was sent. The invitations will not be sent out if the system detects active applications; or received an ACT nomination previously.

Here are the details of the draw:

Type of residents Occupation group Under nomination Number of candidates invited
Canberra Residents Matrix nominating Small Business Owners 190 nominations 3
491 nominations 2
Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders 190 nominations 1
190 nominations 43
Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 491 nominations 51
Overseas applicants Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations: 190 nominations 7
491 nominations 71

*Check your eligibility criteria with the help of the Y-Axis Australia Immigration Points Calculator.

2021-2022 Allocation of ACT Nomination Places:

  • Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491) visa: 1400 places
  • Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa: 600 places

Count of applications on 1st May 2022

Total number of approvals: 1672 nomination places

  • 491 Nominations: 1175 approvals
  • 190 Nominations: 497 approvals

Total number of denials: 338 applications

  • 491 Nominations: 289 refusals
  • 190 Nominations: 99 refusals

Remaining Allocation of 2021-2022

Total  number of allocation remaining: 328 nomination places (164 per month)

  • 491 Nominations: 225
  • 190 Nominations: 103

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Australia Canberra draw invited 169 candidates to apply for ACT nomination

How to convert tourist visa to student or work visa after landing in the US

How to convert tourist visa to student or work visa after landing in USA (1)

A change of position always leads to a change in your intention. For instance, when you acquire a visa and land in the USA, you would let the US government know your intention to visit. The change in that particular intention can be interpreted as preconceived and deliberate. You can be barred from landing in the US forever if such preconception is misleading.

Commonly, when you own a visitor visa specifically for tourism or business, you let the consulate know that the period of your visit will not be more than six months. The US State Department (DOS) would understand that there is a chance of misinterpretation if you try to apply for a status change within 90 days of arrival in the US.

Here are a few activities that may show a possible violation of status

The DOS mentions the below activities that are objectionable as the examples of violations of the 90-day period:

  • Involving in the employment that is on B1/B2 non-immigrant status
  •  Lawfully marrying a citizen and owning a residence in the United States. To finalize the residence of the applicant in the United States, the consulate may have to look into whether you have:
    • Taken a long-term mortgage or a lease
    • List of bills under your name
    • Acquired driver’s license,

You may have to provide any other evidence that counts as proof of your residence in the United States.

Taking any other activity under consideration for which the status change might be necessary without applying for and receiving a change.

Unstable conduct after 90 days

If you violate your status or engage in conduct unstable with your status 90 days after your admission to the United States, no presumption of wilful misinterpretation will automatically arise. Anyway, the consulate will still be able to process the totality of your situation to assess those misinterpretations, if you have any.

According to the legal rules of the misinterpretation bar, you must have affirmatively misrepresented in written applications by submitting evidence or oral interview having fake information.

Please take note of the timely withdrawal that could save you from the worst scenarios caused by a misinterpretation, and it is based on the situation of the case.

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EU to create easier Schengen Visa via digitalisation

EU to create easier Schengen Visa via digitalisation (1)

A proposal has been sent by the European Union Commission that the EU countries must digitalise the procedure of Schengen visa, renew the visa sticker, and predict the possibility of submitting the visa applications through the EU online visa website.

The new settlement on Asylum and Migration  have set an objective to digitalise the procedures of visa completely by the end of 2025, as this could be a chance to upgrade the procedure by decreasing the expenses and burden on the applicants and member states with advancing the security in the area.

In accordance to the Commission, the procedures of the unifying and harmonising visa application will help in avoiding “visa shopping” by applicants who may look to lodge their application with the Schengen country that provides visa application that processes faster compared to the country of their destination that they want to travel.

Furthermore, the security risks caused by the physical visa stickers which could be liable to fraud, theft and falsification, will be lowered with the help of visa digitalisation.

Those who apply for a Schengen visa will have an option to pay the fee online through the process of digitalisation on a single EU platform, irrespective of the Schengen country they plan to visit.

Immediately after receiving the application, the platform will identify the country that is accountable for reviewing the visa application. It also provides updated information on the Schengen short-stay visas and required information concerning the necessities and procedures.

Besides the information mentioned above, it has been stated that the visa will involve the state-of-art security features, that is secure compared to the visa sticker. The renewed system will assure the basic fundamental rights which are protected at all times.

The initiative of the Commission has been invited by the Commissioner of the Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson. She mentioned that a modernized process is comparatively important than half of those visiting the EU with a Schengen visa.

Johansson said, “The process of a modern visa is very important to make travelling to EU easierfor business and tourism. It is time that the EU gives a secure, fast and web-based visa application platform for all the citizens of the 102 third countries that need short term visas to travel to the EU.

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Tips to score 90 in PTE Test

Tips for scoring 90 in PTE Test (1)

PTE is a computer-based English test that can be written worldwide, even sitting at home.

These PTE scores are accepted by many top universities from various countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, and New Zealand.

PTE widely differs from the type of questionnaire asked, time allotment, and scoring system.

The 3 hours PTE test needs special preparation.

Many say scoring 90 is an unreachable task as it is the maximum score one can get. But it is not impossible.

With the proper guidance and preparation, many candidates do score the maximum number, ‘90’.

Regular learning and thorough practice will lead you to achieve the top score to attain this score.

Get expert training for PTE test from Y-Axis coaching professionals.

Keep in touch with the English language

Always depend on good study material.

  • Invest in books, international magazines, and educational and informative channels.
  • This helps in constructing proper sentences.
  • Refine communication skills and understand different accents
  • Know the accent of a native speaker.
  • Revamp your pronunciation.

Prepare a list of words

  Always prepare a list of words that help and elevate your writing skill.

  • Try using those words in your practice while writing.
  • Know the spellings and meanings of the words and understand their usage.
  • Using the right describing words for the images, like illustrating, will improve writing.


Analyze the format and the pattern of the test to answer and level of questions:

  • Set a priority for the sections based on the score allotted to them
  • The top score sections are Dictation, Repeat sentence, and multiple-choice questions
  • Attempting all the questions from these high score sections without any error can give me 70+
  • By working on the remaining sections can get a score of 90+

*Get expert counselling from Y-Axis professionals to study abroad.

SWOT Technique    

  • Planning to study PTE needs rigorous preparation and concentration.
  • Entertainment is the new medium of learning. Listening to music and podcasts, book reading, and watching will help me excel in the language.
  • Applying SWOT (Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis will help you analyze your skills.
  • Prepare a plan that will work on your weaknesses and threats by giving strengths and opportunities.
  • Using proper phrases and idioms will make learning easy.
  • Practice can make everyone perfect.
  • Relying simply on your skills does not help you score well in PTE.
  • Practice makes me understand the pattern, thought process, and speed of solving the questions.
  • This will help quickly to score 90+.
No time for distractions
  • Staying in the moment will lead to no distractions.
  • When you are writing PTE, never give scope for distractions.
  • Be cautious of timelines and word limits.
  • One distraction and negligence can affect your scoreboard.
  • The common mistake is making errors, but to score 90 in PTE cannot be afforded.
  • Such errors can low down your score.
  • Rectifying and controlling the errors will do wonders to your 90+ scores.
  • Before submitting the test, proofread to avoid silly mistakes.
  • Experts say that giving at least 5-10% of your time to proofread before you submit the writing section will fetch you a 90+ score in PTE.
Erase the scratch
  • Before writing the essay, note down the points you wish to write in the essay.
  • Do not think it is a time waste; it actually gives an idea of pints to cover.
  • It cautions you of the word limit and adds what is needed to score high points.
Be an expert in skimming            
  • Before reading a paragraph thoroughly, skimming helps to score high in the reading section.
  • Spot the keywords and highlight them.
  • The skimming strategy is the most uncomplicated technique that helps you to answer One-liners, summaries, and Objective questions to solve quickly.

Summarize in one-line

  • Summarize the written text in one line with a word limit of 75 words.
  • Do not take more than 10 minutes to summarize the 75-word limit.
  • This type of question helps you understand appropriate commas and apostrophes. And semicolons.
Section Type of questionnaire
Speaking Repeat sentence

Read aloud

Retell Lecture

Short Q&A

Describe Image

Writing Essay

Summarize the text

Listening Fill in the blanks

Multiple choice Single/Multiple Answers

Dictation and missing words

Spot the correct and in correct words

Reading Re arrange the paragraphs

Fill in the blanks

Multiple choice Single / Multiple answers

Pro Tips

  1. Practicing skimming can help you save you, which can be well spent with other questions, for at least 10 seconds per question.
  2. Always have some space in your study plan for previous papers. Set a target to solve in a period.
  3. Siri can help you win the speaking skills by asking it to read a text and make a note of the tone and stress given on each verb and noun. Repeat it like Siri.
  4. When you are confident about your practice, attempt a mock test to analyze your skills and improve your performance.
  5. Always try to attempt at least 2-3 mock tests for a week and note your progress. Don’t forget to concentrate on your weaker areas.

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Ontario Issues 301 NOIs for French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream

Ontario PNP Draw, Apr 28 (1)

Abstract: Ontario issued 301 NOIs to international workers who can speak French.


  • Ontario held a draw for Skilled Workers Stream.
  • The international workers who could speak French were invited.

Ontario issued NOIs to 301 candidates from the pool of Skilled Worker Stream. The workers who could speak French were eligible for this draw.

The draw was held on April 28, 2022.

*Check your eligibility through Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Details of the draw:

The details of the draw for international workers who are fluent in French are given below:

Date Number of NOIs CRS Score
April 28, 2022 301 460-467
February 8, 2022 206 463-467

*Want to work in Canada? Y-Axis is here to assist you.

French International Workers

The candidates issued the NOIs are eligible for immigration to Canada under the FSSW or French Speaking Skilled Worker stream of Express Entry. The candidates are required to have a profile in the system of Express Entry. They should also score 460 to 467 in the CRS or Comprehensive Ranking System.

Eligibility for FSSW

The FSSW is a type of PNP or Provincial Nominee Program. This PNP selects candidates from the Express Entry pool. The requirements for eligibility for the FSSW are:

  • A profile in the system of Express Entry.
  • Meet the requirements for eligibility for the following:
    • CEC or Canadian Experience Class
    • FSWP Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • At least 7 in the CLB or Canadian Language Benchmark for French.
  • Sufficient funds to cover their expenses

The candidates who were issued NOIs have to apply online within 45 days.

It is the second FSSW draw of 2022. So far this year, the number of NOIs issued to international workers who can speak French is 507.

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Ontario Issues 1,034 Canada Immigration NOIs In Biggest Skilled Trades Draw of 2022

Ontario PNP Draw, Apr 26 (1)

Ontario has sent 1,034 invitations to the immigration candidates in its most significant draw of 2022 under the Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream.

A draw conducted on April 26th targeted the immigration candidates with the Comprehensive Ranking System scores in the minimum range of 300 to 461.

The immigration candidates were told to submit Express Entry profiles into the federal pool within 12 months before the draw date to qualify.

Date NOIs  CRS Score Range Express Entry profile submission date
26-Apr-22 1,034 300-461 April 26, 2021 – April 26, 2022


*Check your eligibility criteria with the help of the Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

Ontario Express Entry: Skilled Trades Stream

The Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream aims at the skilled trades workers in the agricultural and construction sectors that possibly would expand shortly.

To be eligible, the applicants need to have:

  • An unfinished application under the Federal Express Entry system;
  • 12 months of paid work experience from Ontario is cumulative
  • Evidence of certification or license from Ontario according to the requirement of your occupation
  • A work permit that is valid and resides in Ontario in the process of application
  • French or English language with five or above in writing, reading, speaking, and listening under the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB)
  • Evidence of the settlement fund with a minimum amount that is determined by the official Low-Income Cut-offs to provide for you and your dependents

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Munich Technical University awards over 5,900 scholarships

Munich Technical University awards over 5,900 scholarships (1)

An announcement was made by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) that the German National Scholarship Program has allowed 836 students who have scholarships for the 2021-2022 funding phase in a program that invited over 250 guests, which was held in January 2022.

Young talents have been encouraged and made a priority for more than ten years by the national scholarship program in Germany.

In context to that, more than 5,900 scholarship holders have got non-material and financial help with funding that was provided by 700 sponsors, that includes private individuals, companies, and associations.

*Check your eligibility criteria with the help of the Y-Axis Germany Immigration Points Calculator.

“The next round of applications will begin on June 20th, 2022,” stated TUM. It also explained that the applications of the graduates from the secondary school would be accepted as well from July 18th through July 31st, 2022.

Deutschlandstipendium is a scholarship that has been made accessible for highly accomplished and talented students.

“It provides them the space to improve their personal and inbuilt talents, confidently open up to the society and loosen up themselves to see their potential. Receiving mentorship by the sponsors is the most important aspect of the entire scholarship program besides financial support,” TUM stresses in its statement.

The scholarship holders will receive €300 per month for one year. Half the money is given by the federal government, which is one part of the program. The universities take the rest from the private individuals, foundations and companies.

Simultaneously, the TUM University Foundation was able to build four new scholarships from the revenue of its anniversary campaign. Hartman Hofmann, the president of TUM, has expected that finances all through the next year will complete 1000 scholarships at last.

The German government matches every sponsor donation generously to the scholarship program, which allows the opening of many promising avenues and education simultaneously for a brighter future for the students.

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Express Entry: Canada invites 829 PNP candidates after announcing all-program draws will resume in July

Express Entry PNP Draw, Apr 29 (1)

Canada has issued 829 invitations for the Express Entry immigration candidates to apply for permanent residence on April 27th, 2022. Previously, all the invited candidates were sent nominations from Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and had a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) with a minimum score of 772. The score was comparatively high, as the Express Entry immigration candidates attain 600 points automatically added to their score when they receive a PNP. The candidates who scored the lowest without the nomination would have had the base points of 172.

Also, in the invitation round conducted earlier on April 13th, 2022, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 787 PNP candidates with a minimum score of 782.

Here are the detailed information about the Express Entry draws held in April 2022:

Date Number of invitations issued Minimum score
April 27, 2022 829 772
April 13, 2022 787 782

*Check your eligibility criteria with the help of the Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator.

CEC and FSWP draws to continue in early July

The Express Entry invitations will be continued for the immigration candidates under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) and Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) by early July,” stated Sean Fraser, the immigration minister of Canada. Also, more of the new Express Entry applications will be processed within the service standard of six months.

The invitations from the CEC and FSWP have come right in time when Canada is dealing with record-high job vacancies and record-low unemployment.

Meanwhile, IRCC plans to invite 55,000 Express Entry permanent residents in 2022. Earlier to this, Express Entry was the primary gateway for the immigrants from the new-economic class landing in Canada. It is predicted that the IRCC aims to invite more than 110,000 immigrants by 2024 under the Express Entry program.

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