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List of occupations eligible for LMIA released by Quebec for 2022

Quebec releases 2022 list of occupations eligible for LMIA

A list of occupations has been released by Quebec, and the foreign labor will be occupied through the Labor Market Impact Assessment process. Last year, 181 occupations were present in the list, and this year the number of occupations rose to 228. All these occupations are eligible for facilitated processing.

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  • 228 Occupations list released under LMIA
  • Transition period is 30 days
  • Many programs started for hiring foreign people

Why has Quebec released the list?

Quebec has released the list as the country is facing the problem of declining birth rate. The existing population is also getting old and retiring from work. Canada Federation of Independent Business has generated a report which shows that there are around 64% of small businesses in Quebec alone that are in dire need of workers and labor.

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Solution to the problem

Quebec has started many new programs and also expanded existing programs to bring overseas workers to the province. An agreement between Ottawa and Quebec was signed last year. The agreement includes the number of temporary foreign workers required for different workplace, which was raised from 10% to 20%. The agreement also includes exempt occupations with on-the-job training.

LMIA process

Canadian employers have to show the proof about the positions advertised through different methods. The employers also have to show a proof regarding the recruit efforts that they have used different methods to occupy people from Quebec and Canada.

The efforts include advertising the job positions done at least 28 days before applying for hiring overseas workers. The efforts will also include the number of interviews taken by the employers. The employers have to show proof that none of the people in Canada are fit for the job position. So there is a requirement of foreign workers.

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Want to be one of the 432,000 migrants moving to Canada in 2022?

Move to Canada in 2022

Canada has made plans to invite around 432,000. A recent announcement has been made in which it was declared that in the next three years, following number of people will be invited.

  • 2022 – 431,645 Permanent Residents
  • 2023 – 447,055 Permanent Residents
  • 2024 – 451,000 Permanent Residents

Sean Fraser, the Immigration Minister of Canada, has told that the plan has been made to balance the need of the country. He also said that he will focus on retaining the newcomers to support the economic resurgence of the country.

Why invite such a large number of people?

The main reason of inviting such a large number of people is to increase the working population of the country and also focus on economic growth.

Highlights of the plan

The main highlights of the plan are as follows.

  • The newcomers come to Canada for Canada PR through different programs like Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, etc.
  • Around 20% people will immigrate through their Spouses, Partners, and Children program.
  • Refugee and Humanitarian programs are also available, and there is an expectation of 20% immigrants to come to Canada.

Here is the table to understand all the details

Immigration Class 2022 2023 2024
Economic 2,41,850 253,00 2,67,750
Family 1,05,000 1,09,500 1,13,000
Refugee 76,545 74,055 62,500
Humanitarian 8,250 10,500 7,750


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Benefits of migrating to Canada

There are many benefits of migration to Canada, and some of them have been described here in detail.

· Live and work

Canada is the second largest country in the world, and people who get PR visa have the right to work in any province and territory of the country. There is no need to stick to one employer or one province. Immigrants are also allowed to bring their families to live and work in the country.

· Economy

There is an increase in the funding of infrastructure projects that it can become a good option for Australians to get a job. The people of Canada regard Australians as dedicated and hard workers. Australians can be found in various offices of Canada. Australians come to Vancouver and then move to Whistler.

· Healthcare

Australians who get permanent residency in Canada can avail the facility of public-funded healthcare system. This system covers many aspects of medical treatment in comparison to Australia.

· Standard of Living

Migrating to Canada can improve the standard of living. The rank of Canada is 9th in the UN to provide a better standard of living. The 140 cities of Canada are considered as liveable, and they provide many benefits to the immigrants.

· Renewal of visas

Canadian permanent residency includes a PR visa which has to be updated after every five years. Immigrants can renew their visas as many times as possible. Before renewing the visa, the officer will look for the history and reason for continuing to live in the country.

· House rent and prices

House prices and rent vary in Canada, and it depends on the province to which immigrants want to migrate. The price of a house is high in cities and low in rural parts of the country. Renting is also expensive, but it is affordable in comparison to purchase a house in Canada.

· Safety and security

Canada has safe and secure environments for immigrants. The laws are strict regarding guns. In 2007, Canada got the rank of the most peaceful country, and in 2016 it has got the second rank in giving freedom to its citizens.


From these, you can clearly make out that Canada is one of the safest countries to migrate. With a pleasant climate it invites the immigrants and offers great opportunities for their settlement. The permanent residents have the option to get medical and other facilities. They can work and live anywhere they like. They have to renew their PR visa for every five years.

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Know how international students are earning more in Canada

Immigrants are earning more in Canada

Immigrants who have studied in Canada have the option to earn more money in their first two years in comparison to the immigrants who have studied in their home or other countries and come to Canada to earn. This data has been suggested through a report.


  • Immigrants taking courses in Canada earn more
  • People having Canadian work experience also earn more
  • Economic immigrants share rose to 38% in 2019 from 6% in 2000.

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More reports about the Canadian experience

As per the recent survey, immigrants who study in Canada for two to three years have the earnings of around 37% or more than the Canadian students who studied in Canada for one to two years. Students who work while studying also get the experience of any of these two languages which can be either French or English.

The report says that this is the reason that immigrants who study in Canada earn more as the Canadian employers employ the people having good grasp of language skills and excellent work experience.

It has been estimated that more than 58,000 post-secondary education programs have been released in 2019 for the immigrants. The report of 2020 showed that the gap of earning between

Points evaluation system

There is also a points evaluation system for economic immigrants. In this system, applicants have the option of earning recognition for the French or English language, and they can also earn Canadian work experience. Young immigrants can also earn points if they get an employment in advance.

Reduction in the gap of earning between international and Canadian students

A report of 2020 has stated that the gap of earnings between Canadian and the international students has started reducing.

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Canada fastest-growing country as per G7

Canada fastest-growing country as per G7

There is fast growth in the population of Canada due to immigration. As the birth rate is low and the existing population has grown old, so the Canadian government is inviting more and more people to live and work in Canada. The country is also providing the option of permanent residence and citizenship to the people coming to Canada.


  • The population rose twice in comparison to other G7 countries
  • Temporary residents and immigrants raised the population
  • Four out five people is an immigrant or temporary citizen

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Population growth and decline

Yukon is a province in Canada whose population rose speedily. Other provinces whose growth increased are British Columbia and Prince Edward Island. Two provinces faced a declination in growth rate, and they include Labrador and Newfoundland.

Urban growth is faster than the rural as immigrants want to settle in the cities rather than the rural areas. The number of cities also grew as there were 35 cities in 2016, and in 2021 it rose to 41. The new cities and their provinces are listed below.

  • Kamloops, B.C.
  • Drummondville, Quebec
  • Fredericton, New Brunswick
  • Chilliwack, B.C.
  • Red Deer, Alberta
  • Nanaimo, B.C

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Are you Eligible for EU Blue Card? How can you get it?

Are you eligible for EU Blue Card How can you get it


The EU blue card is given to the non-EU/EEA  people. The card acts as a work and residence permit in the EU. These people can go for permanent residence, and then they can apply for EU citizenship. The Euroepean Blue card will help the immigrants to get socio-economic rights. Not all countries in the European Union or EU deliver EU Blue Cards. The countries that issue Blue Card are

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Estonia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Finland
  • Lithuania
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Hungary
  • Latvia
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden

The countries that do not issue Blue Card are

  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Liechtenstein
  • Iceland
  • Switzerland

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What is EU Blue Card Program?

The EU Blue card works on a merit-based system. The merit of an applicant is based on his education. Work experience and skills. Point system is not included in the EU Blue Card program.

Benefits of EU Blue card

The EU Blue Card has the following benefits.

  • Work and salary conditions will be the same as the citizens of the EU
  • People can go to any place in the EU
  • Family reunification benefit is also included
  • People will get permanent residency rights, and they can also apply for permanent citizenship.

Eligibility criteria for EU Blue Card

The eligibility criteria include the following.

  • Master’s degree or its equivalent
  • Work experience of five years
  • Occupation offer or work contract
  • Proof of legal requirement for regulated professions

Requirements needed for Blue Card

Here are the requirements for a candidate to get an EU Blue Card.

  • Form
  • Valid passport for 15 more months
  • Two photos
  • Occupation offer with an employer in the EU. The offer has to be signed by all the parties who are involved in the selection and employment.
  • A university diploma which will act as proof of professional along with work experience of 5 years is required.
  • Curriculum Vitae should be updated.
  • Health insurance proof
  • Fee payment proof
  • A letter from the employer for the reason of employment
  • No threat proof

Application process

EU member states can decide whether a third country will make the card or the employer will go for the process. Member states ask the applicants to set their appointment at embassies in their home countries and apply for the card.

Application fee

The issuance fee for the card is 140 €, while renewal fee is 100 €.

Application process time

It takes around three months or 90 days to process the application.

Validity of Blue Card

The validity of a blue card is three years. Renewal of the card can be done if the duration of employment is extended. If the employment duration is less than three years, the candidate will get the blue card for the same amount of period plus three months.

The extension of three months is given so that the candidate can either go for extension of the current employment or seek a new job. In the case of losing the job, the candidate will get a three-month extension to look for a new job. If he is unable to get a job, he has to leave the country.


Blue card is a work and residence permit in any of the member states in the European Union. The candidates can apply for the card after they get an employment in any of the member states. They need to have a employment offer, employer’s letter, updated CV, and other proofs to apply for the card.

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How long will it take to process your visa to US, UK & Schengen?

How long will it take to process your visa to US, UK & Schengen

The people of Australia come under the Visa Waiver Program of United States. This program permits the Australians to visit the United States for business and tourism purposes. Australians do not need a visitor visa to come to the USA.

They just have to apply for ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization. The ESTA process is simple and quick. If a migrant is not eligible in the Visa Waiver Program or ESTA, he has to apply for a USA visa in Australia.

Checklist to apply for the US visa in Australia

  • Know about the type of visa
  • Check the place from where you can apply for the US visa in Australia
  • Fill up the online vis form
  • Machine-readable visa fee should be paid
  • Get the requirements for the US visa in Australia
  • US Visa appointment should be scheduled, and an interview has to be given in Australia

The time taken for a visa application lies between a few weeks to a few months. The time depends on the type of visa that an immigrant has applied for.

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Visa processing time for the the UK from Australia

Applications for visa take around 15 business days to process. During peak times, the processing of the application may take longer. The immigrants have to apply for the visa six months before traveling to the UK. If there is an urgency, the application has to be sent 15 days before the travel date.

Waiting time for applications to the UK

After submitting the visa application, the waiting period starts after going through either of the following processes.

Process 1

  • Attend the appointment
  • Provide fingerprints
  • Provide a photograph

Process 2

  • Use UK Immigration: ID check app for the verification of the identity of the immigrants

The waiting time will end after immigrants receive an email which contains the decision regarding the application.

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Visa processing time to Schengen from Australia

Factors to be considered

Here are the things which an applicant has to do for processing visa to go from Australia to Schengen.

  • Submit the passport issued within the last ten years. An applicant can also use other travel requirements to go to Schengen. At least two pages of the passport should be blank.
  • Visa application form should be completely filled and signed. The requirements of all the persons traveling with an immigrant should be submitted. If there is a child under 18, his requirements have to be signed by the parents.
  • A photo has to be submitted with the application., The photo can either be clicked at the visa application center, or the applicant has to click the picture himself and submit it. Fingerprints are taken at the time of submission of the application. The validity of these fingerprints is up to 59 months.

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Visa processing time

The applicants will get the information within 15 days whether their application is approved or rejected.

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Preferred Employer Schemes For Hiring Foreign Talent

Preferred Employer Schemes For Hiring Foreign Talent

Many countries around the world want to hire talents from other countries. These countries have reduced the requirements and application processing time. This reduction in time has helped employers to hire employees, labor, and workers from other countries. These countries have also launched many government-supported processes. In this article, there is a discussion about the countries and the programs they have launched to invite the candidates.


Employers in Canada have benefitted due to the LMIA process and speedy visa process. Employers use Global Talent Stream program to use the LMIA process and invite overseas employees to Canada. The companies have to provide a Labor Market Benefit Plan in which training and promotion skills of Canadian workers are to be mentioned.

There are two categories in GTS A and B. Companies going for Category A have to hire specialized foreign employees, while companies going for Category B have to hire the employees on the basis of shortage of job roles.

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Certified companies in Denmark use the Fast Track scheme for the recruitment of foreign workers. The processing time of applications has been reduced, and employers have been given the responsibility to process the applications. Employers have to obtain a certificate from the Danish Agency of Recruitment and Integration or SIRI. They will get the certificate if they meet the criteria provided by SIRI. There are four tracks of the Fast Track Scheme, which include the following.

  • Pay limited track
  • The researcher track
  • The educational track
  • The short-term track


Employers in Ireland can invite immigrants for occupation through Trusted Partner Initiative or TPI. The process of invitation is streamlined, and there is a reduction in the paperwork. Employers have to apply for Trusted Partner Status under TPI. The employers will get the option of providing employment permit forms along with Trusted Partner Recognition Number. Employers get this right only when their Trusted Partner Status is approved.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands provides the facility of inviting highly skilled workers to a registered sponsor. The sponsor has to Apply for a residence permit application for the migrants before they arrive in the country. The application must be accepted and approved by Immigration and Naturalization Services.

The employer has to go through different legal requirements so that it can become a recognized sponsor. The sponsor should be on the list of Commercial Register in the Netherlands. He should fulfill the tax obligations and meet the code of conduct for business.


The companies in Portugal should receive a certificate from the Agency of Competitiveness and Innovation to apply for a visa for the migrants under the Tech visa program. The time of visa processing has been reduced, and there is also a reduction in the number of requirements to migrate to Portugal for work. The candidates who are sponsored by a company must be a citizen of a country that does not belong to the European Union.

New Zealand

The employers in New Zealand should be eligible for sponsoring an Accredited Employer Work Visa. They can become a sponsor for the employees of any country. The sponsors have the right to give a permanent contract to the foreign workers. The accreditation of sponsoring varies, and this variation depends upon the number of employees that a company is hiring.


Employers who employ the foreign workers regularly get the facility of accredited sponsorship. When these sponsor companies submit an application for inviting people from other countries, preference is given to their applications.

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Why are employers looking for foreign talents?

There are many reasons that employers hire talents overseas. Some of these talents are as follows.

  • New talents come with new skills
  • Lot of experience
  • Increase in access to international markets
  • Work ethics is strong
  • Corporate image is enhanced


Many countries are hiring foreign employees so that they can bring new skills to their countries. Countries like Canada, Australia, etc., are facing the problem of shortage of employees, and this is the main reason of recruiting overseas employees. The governments have made processes easy so that more and more people can be migrated according to the demand and occupation.

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Australian Immigration draw invites 122 immigrants for ACT nomination

Australian Immigration draw invites 122 immigrants

Australia Immigration draw invites people from Canberra and overseas applicants to apply for ACT nomination. Australia hels the draw on February 25, 2022. The candidates having the highest rank for the Canberra matrix have got an invitation to apply for ACT nomination. The cut-off score depends on the demand of workers and the availability of occupation.

The table below will show you the details of the draw.

Type of residents Occupation group Under nomination Number of candidates invited
Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders 190 nominations 1
491 nominations 0
Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 190 nominations 13
491 nominations 46
Overseas applicants Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 190 nominations 6
491 nominations 56


Previous ACT nomination

Candidates who have received ACT nomination previously will not be invited.

*Eligibility to Australia

You can check your eligibility to Australia through Y-Axis Australia Immigration Points Calculator.

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LMIA-exempt work permit holders for top jobs in Canada in 2021

Canada’s top jobs for LMIA-exempt work permit holders in 2021

The foreign workers of Canada come under IMP (International Mobility Program). In 2021 IRCC (Immigrants, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) raised around 315,000 work permits through IMP. The TWFP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program) raised 104,000 work permits.

Difference between IMP and TFWP

There is a difference between IMP and TWFP, and that is related to LMIA. In the case of TFWP, employers have to show the proof of non-availability of professionals to handle an occupation. So they need to hire foreign professionals.

Inthe case of IMP, no Labour Market Impact Assessment or LMIA is necessary because it invites immigrants to meet different purposes and interests of Canada. The categories which use IMP are reciprocal employment and significant benefits.

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Work permits from different provinces through IMP

Ontario has raised more than 135,000 work permits while British Columbia went up 55,000 work permits. Other provinces that issued IMP include Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba.

The table below will show you the number of work permits issued by different provinces.

Province Total IMP work permits issued
Ontario 1,35,585
B.C. 55,315
Quebec 42,910
Not Stated 27,420
Alberta 19,670
Manitoba 11,565
Nova Scotia 7,605
Saskatchewan 6,710
New Brunswick 4,400
Prince Edward Island 2,100
Newfoundland and Labrador 1,815
Yukon 565
Northwest Territories 175
Nunavut 35

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Eligibility criteria for LMIA-exempt work permit

The first thing that an applicant has to think about is the reason behind getting an LMIA-exempt work permit. Theyneed to go for an open work permit. This work permit is flexible as the applicant can get an occupation in any province of Canada, and he can work for any employer of his choice. The open work permits come under IMP. The open work permit is available for the following people.

  • International graduates
  • Youths having reciprocal agreements to Canada
  • Spouses of Canadians
  • Temporary residents

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OINP draw issued 818 NOIs under Skills Trades Stream

Ontario PNP Draw

Ontario has invited 818 candidates through the OINP draw. The candidates are invited under Skills Workers Stream. The draw was launched on February 24, 2022, and invitations were sent to the candidates. The Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) should be between 359 and 600.

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  • Number of candidates invited is 818
  • CRS should be between 359 and 600
  • Canadian language benchmark should be 5 or higher

Table of the OINP draw

Date Number of candidates CRS Score Range
24-Feb-22 818 359to 600

Requirements of OINP

  • Use Express Entry system to get more information
  • Work experience should be of at least one year in a NOC occupation
  • CLB score should be 5 or more
  • The candidate should have the intention to reside in Ontario

Notifications have been issued in the previous years also for inviting candidates to work in Ontario.

Reasons for working in Ontario

There are many reasons that people want to go and work in Ontario. Some of these reasons are described below.

  • Generous salary

Ontario is a place where people can earn high salaries. Many jobs are added, and Ontario is keen to invite overseas workers to work here and get a high salary.

  • Perfect destination for foreign investors

Ontario is a good place for entrepreneurs. Individuals can start their business and grow it easily. The residents are highly educated as 69% of the adults are post graduated.

  • Easy transportation facilities

Ontario is famous for its public transport, and the residents are satisfied with the readily available public transport in the province.

  • Entertainment

People can go to visit various places like Niagara Falls, CN tower, parks, stadiums, and many other places. It can be said that Ontario is popularly known for giving entertainment to its immigrants.

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